Cyber Monday is coming!

We’re going to do this just like the last several years. You request the discounts, and we chose our favorites and make it happen!

You can let us know what you want to buy, and you can also suggest how much discount, but don’t get too nuts. We aren’t generous enough to give anything away for your “cause”, lol!

It’s the ONE time a year to REALLY save on Rogue Fabrication Products and Tools! Tag your friends and family, the more requests we get the more codes we will make!

Final sale flyer will be posted here and e mailed out on the evening of 11/20/2018 for the sale on 11/26/2018. The sale is only valid for one day.

NOTE – COMMENT HERE ON THIS BLOG POST if you do not want to comment on our Facebook post or our Instagram post. We will not be tracking these requests via e mail.