2 Methods: PayPal or Leasing

Method 1 - PayPal

PayPal financing – this is best for smaller transactions, and also the only financing we offer to individuals. It is an open line of credit with interest and flexible payments, like a credit card. It is affordable, easy, and quick. Just add items to your cart, and click on “PayPal Financing”.

To apply: Just shop like normal, and when you get to the cart, you can apply for PayPal Credit instead of putting in your credit card. They will give you the terms before you commit to anything. PayPal frequently offers incentives like no interest if paid within 6 months. We do not have a way to look up their current offers, you find out simply by applying. 

Method 2 - Business Leasing

This is great for businesses making large purchases ($5K+, although we finance as little as $1K at higher rates). It builds your business credit rating, allows immediate tax write off within the US with IRS tax code Section 179, and at the end you own the equipment.

How it works:

1. Click apply from this page or from the cart on our web page after you have chosen all the products your business needs.

2. Fill out the fast and easy equipment lease application. If you applied from our cart, it will automatically transfer all the cart contents including options like die sizes and machine capacity. 

3. A representative from the lender will walk you through the rest of the process, which includes RogueFab submitting an invoice to the bank, and you accepting terms of the lease. They have a nice clear system to let you know what stage your application is in and if they need any information from you to continue the process. We keep it simple and affordable, and with quick and clear communication the whole time.