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[Sticky] IMPORTANT - Read this before posting here  

Joe Gambino
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If these rules are not followed, we will delete this sub-forum and all of the shared files. We take this extremely seriously.

1. You may ONLY post your original creations. If you "reverse engineer" something that is for sale, and post it here, it is a violation of our terms. If you make one or two slight changes and otherwise leave the original design, that is no different. 

2. You may post files that are designed to fit specific applications. So if you design a roll cage for a 1969 Dodge Charger, and it is your creation, you may post it here. If you design your own cage for a 2020 Can Am Maverick, you may post it here. 

3. Any thread started here MUST contain a file attachment. If you are not sharing a design or other technical content, you should be posting in the layout or CAD sections of the tube bending forum. We intend for this to be a library of files for everyone to have access to.

4. You may not charge for sharing here. This is free. If you want to collect money for your work, you will have to do it elsewhere.

5. Please follow this format for post titles:


Here are examples:

Simple 6 point car roll cage - 1.75 DOM Tubing - Bend Tech PRO 7.x

Shock Tabs - Plate Steel - Master CAM

Tube Caps - ABS or NYLON - .STL for 3D printing

2017 RZR 2 door cage - 1.75 x .120 DOM - Bend Tech SE 7.x



Instructions for successful posting:

1. Start a new thread/topic. Follow #5 above for how to title your post. Write your post and click "Choose File" to embed a screenshot of your file (like a picture of your roll cage, bumper, etc). Post the topic. 

2. Copy your file you are going to share. Change the file extension from .BTAX or .BTTX or whatever other CAD file type you have to .TXT. You can search the internet for more information on how to change file extensions. Anyone can learn to do this.

3. Edit your post. Your original photo you uploaded will be in the body of your post. You can now (while editing) add another attachment. Add the copy of your CAD file with the .TXT file extension. This forum will block CAD files since it doesn't recognize them. Save your edit. Make sure to tell readers what the original/native file extension is!

We will be requesting that wpforo (the authors of this forum software) add multi-attachment and CAD file type support. 



Instructions for successful downloading:

1. Right click on the file you want to use in someone's post. Click "save target as". Save the file to your desktop or wherever else you want. 

2. Change the file extension back to the original file type described in the post. For example, in my post, I attached a .BTAX (Bend Tech Assembly File) as a .TXT. So I will change it back to .BTAX if I download it. You can search the internet for more information on how to change file extensions. Anyone can learn to do this.

3. Open the file (which now has the correct extension) in the correct software. 

4. Understand this sentence: Rogue Fabrication and the author/creator of any content posted here take no responsibility for the accuracy, safety, use, or application of any files, data, or ideas posted here. 

-The dude who started RogueFab
4Runner Build thread: https://www.roguefab.com/forum/projects-and-builds/rogue-fabrication-4runner/