Metalworking & Dimple DIes

With over 10 years of manufacturing and design engineering experience, RogueFab excels at producing high quality made-in-USA tube and pipe benders with a price-friendly approach.

Our hydraulic tubing benders are renowned for their depth of design consideration, durable construction, and a massive range of bending capacity for specific tasks.

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    Rogue Receiver

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  • Dsc09546

    Tube Caps

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  • Dsc09586

    Tube Flanges, Weld on

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  • Dsc09311 Edit

    Round Dimple Die Set – Quick ID


  • Portable Hydraulic Dimple Die Press/puller, 10 TON

  • Gusset press brake assembly (plus one die)

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  • Die for Gusset press brake (Taco Die)

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  • Shaped dimple die set

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  • TRIANGLE Shaped dimple die

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  • OVAL Shaped dimple die

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  • SQUARE Shaped dimple die

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  • STAR Shaped dimple die

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    Lubrication for tube bending & cold forming, Bend All 002 or 004 (Steel, aluminum, stainless, etc)

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This is our unique line of cold forming tools, like dimple dies and gusset press brakes. All made here in the USA just like you would expect from RogueFab.