M600 to M601/605/625 Conversion Kit! (Upgrades old models to be like our current ones)


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    26 × 24 × 2 in


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This is a complete kit to upgrade any M600 (2015 and newer, see FAQ for how to ID your machine’s vintage) to be a M601/605/625. These new machines allow you to put bends WAY closer together on small CLR dies (1.75″ closer on 3.5″ CLR and 3.13″ closer on 2.5″ CLR). The new models can also use 2.5″ CLR dies without any special equipment, and benefit from the same machine travel (195 degrees) with all dies (M600 machines can’t bend to 180 on 2.5 CLR dies).

Kit includes:

-Full bend wheel kit (both bend wheels, 2 sticker bars, weld on washers)

-Sticker sheet (or 3M wrap stickers for pressure die and clamp block if you select “wrap”)

-.629″ diameter S&D HSS drill bit (ideal clearance for a 5/8″ pin without needing a reamer)

-Weld-on side plates (QTY 2) for the pressure die on your bender. These are what you will use to locate the hole you will drill in your frame for the 2.5 CLR pressure die pin.

-Metallic Serial Number placard for your “new” machine. All M601/605/625 machines are serialized for tracking and warranty. Your newly converted machine is no different.

We have complete video instructions for this kit. Link will be posted once we post the video!


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