Air/Hydraulic Cylinder for M601-M625 Bender *AS-IS (limited to supply on hand)


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*Notice: There are major nationwide supply chain problems with all hydraulics. Many suppliers who have stocked these for over a decade have been without them for more than a year. Read the entire description of this product before you order. These cylinders are from one of our “2nd tier” suppliers. Once we run out, we will not carry this “as-is” cylinder again.

What we guarantee:

  1. Not DOA (dead on arrival). These will work when delivered to you.
  2. They will bend far enough to engage a “re-pin” on the bend wheels. See this video (LINK) for what this means.
  3. They will arrive complete, including a rebuild kit (LINK here) and a billet made-in-the-USA release knob (LINK here). The rebuild kit is for YOU to install if needed during service or rebuild as needed to solve leaks or other issues.


  1. These are sold AS-IS other than the above guarantee. That is why they are priced at 60% off our normal price.
  2. If you are looking for a product covered by our regular warranty with pretty paint, they are for sale here: LINK

This is the least expensive of the 2 ways you can power a model 600 series tubing bender. This is an air/hydraulic ram (It takes in compressed air and uses a small pump to convert that energy to high-pressure hydraulic flow to power the cylinder). This is ready to use right out of the box. They ship assembled with an air pump and hose. This cylinder is power extend ONLY. Our M600 bender includes a custom bracket and custom CNC-wound zinc-plated ASTM PW steel return springs for reliable return of this exact cylinder. When we sell these cylinders, we check the oil level and top them off as needed, make sure they don’t leak, verify that the return force is within our specifications, and then we also add our CNC machined release knob to the hydraulic valve. All the parts we make that attach to this cylinder are made here in the USA.

These are made for us overseas. The length and travel on these cylinders match the Harbor Freight cylinders and also match the ones we normally carry. Sometimes we have to work on these cylinders and the paint gets chipped on them in the areas we make adjustments or changes. We know this is not ideal. Please understand that the finish and cosmetics will not be as nice as other parts of the machine.

Important note – This is the only major component of the M600 series bender that is imported. If you want a high-quality, custom hydraulic solution to go with your bender, we offer (2) different electric/hydraulic power systems that are excellent (both feature Made-in-USA cylinders). If you wish to buy the hydraulic cylinder yourself to save money, we absolutely encourage you to buy the cylinders listed here directly from the distributors we purchase them from (that is precisely why we told you who sells them and the correct part number). If you are bargain shopping for a cylinder not listed above, keep in mind that the mounting holes on our machine are 5/8″ in diameter. Also, know that the Northern Tool cylinder is the longest one that will fit. Our return spring bracket is designed to clamp on ONLY 33mm hydraulic shafts. If you purchase a hydraulic cylinder with a smaller hydraulic shaft, it may not be able to utilize our spring return system.

Air requirements – These cylinders all consume about 6 CFM of compressed air at 110 psi while operating. They will run at lower pressures and make less force, and they will run at lower CFM and run slower. We recommend a 6+ CFM air compressor that can make 125 psi (set to 115-120). A 30+ gallon tank is recommended, but again, smaller will work (it will just cycle a lot more). We also recommend an “iron front” and oiled compressor. The new “oilless” ones are not reliable long term in our opinion.


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