Tube Bender M600 Backstop Assembly (Blem/Return)

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Installs in a few minutes to any M600 purchased made after November 2014. Adjustable backstop allows you to set a stop point to repeat bend spacing with excellent precision. Adjusts in seconds, with a separate precision adjustable zero, UHMW slides for a perfect glide on the carriage that stops the tube when it’s loaded into your M600. Ships powder coated and assembled. Maximum spacing from start of bend to end of tube is 54″.

(Blem/Return) – This item has minor cosmetic flaws (scratches, slight dents, etc) and performs 100% as good as a new unit. May have been returned or damaged in handling or shipping. No photos of this one. For examples of what to expect with blemished items, check this out (opens in new tab): SCRATH/DENT/BLEM INFO.


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