BRUTE Winch wiring kit front & rear


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The front and rear wiring includes enough 2AWG copper (NOT ALUMINUM) wire to take both power leads to your battery from the front and rear bumper on any vehicle, including your quad cab longbed one ton (front wiring is 8 feet, rear is 24 feet). Includes 3 quick disconnect connectors and terminal connections. Ships as components, you will be crimping the terminals once you cut the cable to exact lengths you want. We can prep the whole thing for bolt in installation and provide a wiring diagram for those who would like us to ($20, call or e mail to arrange).

The wire in this kit is 100% MADE IN USA welding power lead grade cable. This is 100% pure copper, ultra fine strand (better than the coarse stuff), and is very flexible. Welding cable is meant to have foot traffic on it, so the jacket on this cable is more oil and abrasion resistant than OEM automotive battery cables. This is the very best, just like you would expect from Rogue!

***NOTE- Warn (and possibly other manufacturers) are having a company custom make proprietary 12V quick connect plugs that will ONLY connect to their plugs, which they sell for over $50 a pair. They are RED (which is industry standard for 24 volt, and they are being used on 12 Volt), and they will of course not mate up with our plugs. We use a very high quality plug that is able to mate to plugs from several manufacturers, and of course they are the correct 12V color (Yellow). We strongly recommend you change any proprietary plugs to our yellow plugs for your safety, convenience, and future compatibility. These “other” plugs we’ve warned you about don’t come on winches, they are an accessory sold separately.***


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