Clamp Block (Scratch/Blem)


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    5xCombo, 1.00" Round, 1.050" (3/4 pipe) Round, 1.125" (1 1/8) Round, 1.25" (1 1/4) Round, 1.375" (1 3/8) Round


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This item is a part of our scratch and blemish section. There is a discount applied for cosmetic blemishes. We take the time to inspect each item to make sure they perform just like a new one. Some of these may be marked wrong or have some scratches.

This item is the split-clamp block that comes with any die set for our bender. These come with every die set, but many customers order additional ones. Having additional clamp blocks is great for:

*Leaving them on bends (so you can tweak them without worrying where to re-install the clamp block)
*Having an operator set clamps while another runs the machine to speed up production
*Using extra clamp blocks to mount your bend index gauge (sold in the “Bender” section of our page)


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