Discounted Dies for M600 Series Bender – Round/Square/Pipe W/Roller Pressure Die


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  • Weight:

    20 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    11 × 11 × 5 in


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Some of our benders use a 3/4 pin through the main die, while others use a 7/8 pin. You can easily measure this with calipers. All machines sold 2023 and later will use the 7/8″ pins.

These dies are discounted due to cosmetic blemishes and are limited in quantity. These are inspected to ensure that they function just like a new die.

NOTE: Not all combinations (die size and machine capacity) are possible. We recommend you choose the capacity of your machine first, then you will see all the dies we have in stock (blemished) for your machine.

See description of regular dies in our store for what each size is. (Blem/Return) – This item (a few in this set of dimple dies, not all of them) has minor cosmetic flaws (scratches, slight dents, etc) and performs 100% as good as a new unit. May have been returned or damaged in handling or shipping. See SCRATCH/BLEM/RETURN for more information (opens in new tab).

NOTE – All of these come with a clamp and a ROLLER PRESSURE DIE. Just like a regular die set, with the roller pressure die upgrade.


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