Gusseted H1 Wheel Center

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These wheel centers are subject to stock on hand, and if you do not see the bolt pattern listed that you want to use, they are not available. Please take that into consideration.

This is a kit that allows a person to recenter their H1 beadlock wheels and use them on another bolt pattern. This is for ONE wheel.

Our lightweight 1/4″ H1 centers come with gussets and are stronger than flat 3/8″ thick centers! See the “Tech” section for more information. Rock Rings sold separately.

1 review for Gusseted H1 Wheel Center

    Very strong centers! Wanted to run them for at least a year before review was made. With 38's I have had no problems with them whatsoever, even here in Colorado where it is ALL big rocks! In addition, they are unique, not the same stamped centers every one else runs. Lots of complements on them. Thanks guys!
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