H1 Service Parts (O rings, Valve Stems, Stud Nuts)


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ATTENTION – We have sold this section of our business (H1 wheels only) to a company that is highly motivated to service the aftermarket off road wheel industry. This was a tough decision, but was done as part of an effort to centralize our company around just fabrication tools. Please visit www.ToughMudderFab.com for more information. The new owner’s name is Miles and you can reach Tough Mudder Fab at 408-497-3827.

Short Valve stems are about an inch, Long ones are 2 inch. Long ones are recommended for all applications. They are RUBBER.

O rings are high quality brand new NBR rubber o rings.

Nuts are brand new fine thread flange nuts, just like originally supplied with your wheels when they were new. We also have good quality used ones for a fair price.


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