H1 wheel, 24 Bolt, Stock Surplus


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Surplus H1 wheel. 24 bolt. This is NOT a re-centered wheel. We sell re-centering kits for you to install. Buy this wheel and a recentering kit to make your own wheels for your offroad vehicle.

These include used seals. All studs have been chased and wax coated (this is done here at our shop). We have a limited supply of staggered and evenly spaced stud design wheels in stock. You may request either configuration at the time of your order. We will not check stock until an order is actually placed. All of our current stock is BLACK. These are the double beadlocks that come stock on an H1 Humvee.

DOES NOT COME WITH INSERT (runflat/PVC/etc). We do not offer them. Limited to stock on hand. Our source has dried up for these, so order them now while you still can!


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