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M600 Bolt-On Die Spacers

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Sold as a PAIR. With Stainless steel mounting hardware.

Many of our customers have requested a solution to eliminate the washers from the machine. We finally came out with a simple solution that doesn’t require you to buy new dies and waste all the material to make the dies all full machine width (which could triple the cost of some dies). The spacers, drill guides, TiCN coated taps, and the serviceable drill guide bushings are all precision CNC machined in the USA from material produced here in the USA!

Installation is EASY. Just drop the drill guide into the pin bore of your die, and drill both holes 1/4″ deeper than your screws will go into the die. Then remove the drill guide, tap both holes with a cordless drill (it takes about 5 seconds per hole), blow chips out with a compressor, and screw the spacer on. repeat on the back side to make it match. You’re done!

We recommend test fitting the spacer with your machine/die before installing it onto your die.

TIP 1: Our HD kit includes the spring for the main axle that keeps everything nice and snug. This is a great upgrade to go with your die spacers if you don’t have it already.

TIP 2: USE CUTTING OIL! We recommend and sell Tap Magic for use when drilling and tapping aluminum (See the “VersaNotcher” section of our store).


We change dies at 10:29 in this video, and you can see the new anodized spacers on our 1.5″ die we install:

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