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Upgraded Degree Indicator

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New colors available. Comes with all hardware. Uses one tapped hole in the machine, and one more has to tapped 1/4-28 (hole is already in your machine). Add the tap if you need one! Nearly all parts are made in the USA (Tap, springs, washers, pointer, and plating are done in the USA).

Precision CNC laser cut from domestic P&O steel.

The M600 comes with an affordable degree pointer – no matter if you get a kit or a package. This is an optional upgrade.

7 reviews for Upgraded Degree Indicator

    Makes hitting your bend number accurate and easy to see. Must have upgrade!
    levi jenkins
    Excellent upgrade, the copper wire was nice and worked, but this new Degree indicator looks and feel so much more professional and i get better degree reading, the install was super fast and easy, quality and the workman ship of it is top notch, very glad i upgraded
    A million times more reliable than the copper wire indicator. Mine came unpainted, but I think electrically galvanized. Its great, It stands off the machine slightly, so its not dragging and cutting into the finish. You can reference the degree by looking straight at it, or through it. Its a great upgrade.
    Alex Fornal
    Easy and functional upgrade. Much easier to see and zero.
    Jim MMehrl
    Fantastic upgrade. Didn't want the stupid wire indicator on such a nice machine, even tho it works. This should be standard on the machines, for the small additional cost.
    John P
    I love this. It's super easy to install. Need to tap one hole and you're ready to go. One of the best upgrades.
    Degree Indicator
    Nice upgrade for degree indication. Easily adjustable.
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