M600 Bender Vinyl Wrap Graphics

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These graphics are gorgeous! They are printed on the highest quality 3M outdoor grade UV protected vehicle wrap film made. These apply DRY and come with a squeegee for application if you order it without us installing it. They can be peeled off during application if you make a mistake and need to re-align them. This material has micro air release channels, so moving bubbles to edge is easy. It also shrinks under heat, so a heat gun can help with install (hair dryer or careful use of a small torch works too).

Current photos show METALLIC ONLY. The non-metallic version will be photographed and uploaded very soon. This is SWAG and enters you into our monthly drawings!

4 reviews for M600 Bender Vinyl Wrap Graphics

    Roger Harris
    Got the American flag one I was surprised how well they came packaged with my cart no damage to them at all cant wait to get bender welded up and coated them put these on
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    Dustin DePriest
    Super rad design perfectly sized and lays up nicely. Love the art work.
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    Lt. Chad Carson
    Graphics go on easy and are precut for the holes. Be sure not to have any paint runs or burs as those will show. Love the flag
    Josh Cleveland
    Set your bender apart from all the other dull equipment in the shop with these BA wraps!
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