Roller Pressure Die (Scratch/Blem)


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This item is a part of our scratch and blemish section. There is a discount applied for cosmetic blemishes. We take the time to inspect each item to make sure they perform just like a new one. Some of these may be marked wrong or have some scratches.

If you are tired of having your pressure die flip or you want to have a nicer surface finish on your bent tube, you should swap your pressure die (right in image) for a roller die (left in image). This makes no changes to the alignment in the machine.

Why would I want this: It greatly speeds up loading the machine and also reduces friction on the dies, making lubrication not necessary and also potentially improving bend quality slightly. They are great for STEEL, ALUMINUM, and STAINLESS. They also allow you to pull bends up to 25 degrees through them to make “S” bends and bends very close together (touching, zero spacing).

Why wouldn’t I want this: If you are on a tight budget. These upgrades are not necessary to bend tube. Other than their modest cost, there are ZERO drawbacks to this upgrade.


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