Round Tube Dies, 180+ degree

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For a complete range of wall thickness this die can bend, please visit our Wall Thickness Chart (LINK) and you will find the capacity for stainless, carbon steel (1020/4130/etc), and aluminum. All of our dies carry a lifetime warranty against breakage and can bend 195 degrees.

Pressure Roller Die upgrade- Speeds up loading the machine and also reduces friction on the dies, making lubrication not necessary and also potentially improving bend quality slightly. They are great for STEEL, ALUMINUM, and STAINLESS. They also allow you to pull bends up to 20+ degrees through them to make “S” bends and bends very close together if you’re careful. Not available for all sizes.

For M600 or M600 xHD – Our standard bender is the M600. We recently started offering an xHD version of this bender with a thicker frame and larger pins. If your main bending die has a 7/8″ pin, you need M600 xHD dies. If yours is 3/4″, use the M600 dies.

NOTE: When you order a die from Rogue Fabrication, it comes with a clamp block and a pressure die. You can buy additional pressure dies (for capacity to match your HD or xHD bender) or additional clamp blocks (for several reasons, see clamp block listing for details) separately if you want more. Also, dies 1.50″ and under that are on a 6.0″ centerline bending radius will be limited on travel by a few degrees per stroke due to space limitations. No other dies are affected.

6 reviews for Round Tube Dies, 180+ degree

    Zac Beagan
    I'm in Canada, so shipping is usually a hassle, not so dealing with Rogue. I ordered the 1.75 die set on a Sunday, had a call from Rogue Monday to confirm the address, and had the die by Thursday. The quality is great, and more importantly, the customer service is excellent too.
    Steven Stafford
    These dies are very well made and durable!! They give me great bends and are worth every penny!!
    Steven Stafford
    These Dies are very well made and durable!! They give me great bends and are well worth every dollar!
    The 1.75 die I'm using has been great! Bends have been well-formed, and easy to execute. No problems at all!
    Round Tube Dies, 180+ degree photo review
    Works really nice. Very little deformation throughout the bends.
    I had to make some rock sliders for a customer and needed the 4.5" radius dies. They arrived quickly and I installed them in my M600xHD bender. Loaded in some solid 1.5" steel bar and the machine and dies handled the job quickly and easily. I have plenty of other benders in the shop but always find myself using the Rogue unit for most bending tasks. Dies held up fantastic even after hundreds of bends!!!
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