Die machining for 2.25″ offset (custom)


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This includes machining your bending die for putting the clamp block 2.25 inches closer to the bend and also machining your bend wheels for the new clamp location. You will be able to use standard dies and customer machined dies for the closer bend spacing. Not recommended for use with any heavy duty material applications (like 2 inch OD material, or anything over 1.25 diameter in wall thicknesses over .156). This will restrict the machine to a little over 90 degrees (only when using the dies that are custom offset).

If you already have a machine, we will send you transfers to locate 2 5/8 holes to drill in your bend wheels, unless you want to pay to ship them back and fourth.

Note – This is just a machining service. You must be buying or already own a die and a machine from us for this service to be of any use to you. This will allow you to make ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) handrail returns per the current specifications. The bends have to be very close to meet the spec, which may or may not prevent your projects from passing ADA inspection.


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