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Another industry first! Shaped dimple dies. Set your fabwork apart from the crowd or use just the right shape to get the most weight benefit possible from your dimpling. Triangular holes in your tube gussets or square holes in your tie plates will cut more weight than round holes.
How to use: Cut your shape out on a plasma table, laser cutter, or with a grinder. Use a bolt, H frame press, or knockout driver to dimple the hole with these dies.

These are machined in the US out of 4140 Chromoly that is made and heat treated here is the US. Shapes are 1.5-2 inches tall. Max capacity 1/8 inch plate steel. If you are putting multiple triangles in a line, space them 2.20″ apart minimum (feature center to feature center) for best results.

Set includes:

Complete set of shaped dies for square, triangle, ellipse/oval, and star.

Plasma cutter drag tip stencil (we have them to match your plasma cutter).

DXF and PDF files of cutout shapes for your use in producing these shapes.


These are seriously easy and fast to use! Check out the video! Don’t forget to subscribe.

Stencil details:

.188 Tip Diameter
Snap On (some machines)
Other import machines

.380 Tip Diameter
Hypertherm PM30XP
Hypertherm PM45
Hypertherm PM600
Hobart with xt30 or xt40 torch

.430 Tip Diameter
eastwood versacut 40/60
Hypertherm PM45XP
Hypertherm PM65
Hypertherm PM85
Hypertherm PM105
Hypertherm PM1000
Hypertherm PM1250
Hypertherm PM1650
Hypertherm RT60
Hypertherm RT80
Lincoln LC40
Lincoln Tomahawk 625
Lincoln LC65
Miller 251960
Miller 249930
Miller 375 extreme with ice25/27 torch

.580 Tip Diameter
Miller 375 Extreme with xt40 torch
Thermal Dynamics SL60
Thermal Dynamics SL100

Notes – We do not have stencils for the 12ci Hobart, the Hypertherm pm30air or the Thermal Dynamics SL40. You must understand the difference between a DRAG TIP and a conventional cutting tip. Stencils only work with DRAG TIPS. You can measure the outside diameter of your drag tip and chose a stencil if it matches your tip OD without your machine being listed.

2 reviews for Shaped dimple die set

    richard cass jr
    The stair dies Shaped dimple die are trhe coolest ever . building a roof rack for my truck takes the rack to a hole new level . excelent dies . an the how to videos works great
    This is the only place I can find star shaped dimple dies. Allows you to be more unique on track days.
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