Square Tube Dies, 180+ Degree


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For a complete range of wall thickness this die can bend, please visit our Wall Thickness Chart (LINK) and you will find the capacity for stainless, carbon steel (1020/4130/etc), and aluminum. All of our dies carry a lifetime warranty against breakage and can bend 195 degrees.

For M600 or M600 xHD – Our standard bender is the M600. We recently started offering an xHD version of this bender with a thicker frame and larger pins. If your main bending die has a 7/8″ pin, you need M600 xHD dies. If yours is 3/4″, use the M600 dies.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 2 in
Square Die Size

.50 round and square x 3.5 CLR combo, .625 (5/8") round and square x 3.5 CLR combo, .75 square x 4.5 CLR, 1.00 square x 4.5 CLR, 1.00 square x 6.0 CLR, 1.25 square x 4.5 CLR, 1.25 square x 6.0 CLR, 1.50 square x 6.0 CLR

Roller Die

No, use standard pressure die(s), Yes, Upgrade to pressure roller(s)

For M600 or M600xHD

M600 dies – standard (much more common), M600 xHD dies with 7/8" pin diameter (uncommon)


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