Square Tube Die Sets, 180+ Degree


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    13 lbs

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    11 × 11 × 2 in


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Some of our benders use a 3/4 pin through the main die, while others use a 7/8 pin. You can easily measure this with calipers. All machines sold 2023 and later will use the 7/8″ pins.

For a complete range of wall thickness this die can bend, please visit our Wall Thickness Chart (LINK) and you will find the capacity for stainless, carbon steel (1020/4130/etc), and aluminum. All of our dies carry a lifetime warranty against breakage and can bend 195 degrees.

NOTE: When you order a die from Rogue Fabrication, it comes with a clamp block and a pressure die. You can buy additional pressure dies (for capacity to match your 605 or 625 bender) or additional clamp blocks (for several reasons, see clamp block listing for details) separately if you want more. Also, dies 1.50″ and under that are on a 6.0″ centerline bending radius will be limited on travel by a few degrees per stroke due to space limitations. No other dies are affected.

2 reviews for Square Tube Die Sets, 180+ Degree

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    Brandon Swanson
    I recently purchased the 1” square tube die set because I ended up with a ton of 1” square tube. I was curious to see how the square would bend and how it would hold its shape. Needless to say, the dies were of the same amazing quality that Rogue Fab offers with all of their products. I got to work building 70” gate frame from 1” .250 wall square. My 601 bender is easy to use and I’m ready to see this project done.
    I got the smaller size, 1" square with 4.5 radius, and it works well. I've made roof racks and other storage components with it and the square tube barely deforms at the bend thanks to the rollers. If you want to bend square tubing and want it looking clean, can't do better
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