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Show off the Rogue Fab brand with pride. Printed in the US on laminated UV resistant outdoor vinyl. Sizes are per the drop down menu. Thank you!

This item is considered “RogueFab Swag”, and qualifies to enter you into our monthly giveaways. For our current giveaway, click here:

29 reviews for RogueFab Stickers

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    ChristopherA Clarke
    Posting up @ the local!! Great stix!!
    David S
    I’m sure they are great. Didn’t see them. Donated them.
    Joshua Mullen
    Great selection of sizes and they aren't thin junk. I bought so e and they've sent me some with my shirts as well. Everything they have is of top quality.
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    Ryan K
    Picked up some swag from Rogue Fab. Great quality stickers, shirts and hoodies. Experience was excellent. Immediate response, fast shipping! 👍
    Nicolas Chaslot
    Awesome stickers, great quality! They should last for a long time! A nice addition to any toolbox sticker collection!
    Josh Cleveland
    Great quality stickers for anything from trail rig windows to shop cabinets and tool boxes!
    Stoked on the sticker pack. Now I can sticker blast the tool box.
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    Luke Sizemore
    Great stickers
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    Luke Sizemore
    Bought the 4" sticker back in July for an entry into that months drawing. Well, I didn't win, it was just a pipe dream, (pun intended). Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to own one of the model 600 bender set ups.
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    Luke Sizemore
    Bought the 4" sticker back in July to be entered in the monthly drawing, well I didn't win. The stickers are really nice and look like they should last. It was just a pipe dream (pun intended) , maybe someday I will have a bender of this quality and magnitude.
    Lannes D Carter
    Nice quality
    Trevor L
    The first sticker I slapped on my box was one of the round rouge fab great quality sticker
    Excellent slap pack! It's not just a few little hood stickers but some real full size gang box slaps. Definitely worth the $8 price. Thanks RogueFab!
    Trevor L
    Bought a new lunch box had to slap the rouge fab one on first these are great quality stickers should handle some abuse
    Jeff Brewster
    Put these in my toolbox and my hood
    Steven Trimble
    Great stickers lots of sizes and a nice sleek catchy look. Works great on tool boxes race vehicles and even tow vehicles.
    Got my 4inch round. Love it
    Michael Olson
    I was impressed with the quality and care taken to deliver my sticker pack safely. Thanks Rogue Fab, stickers look great on my tool box and vehicle window.
    Steven Stafford
    I plaster my Rogue Fab stickers all over everything! People always ask what it is and I tell them how great your company is!!
    Just got mine. So far so good. Time will tell.
    Jeff Brewster
    Picked of the digital bend indexing kit and couldn’t forget to pickup a sticker for the new toolbox ?
    Anthoney Fralix
    I stick them all over The place where people in the industry would go and travel... advertisement
    If you have a toolbox or refrigerator with stickers on it in your shop/garage/bedroom, these are the perfect addition to your collection. Heck, they are so cool looking, I'm going to request one be placed on my casket when I pass.
    Martin Oehmler
    Awesome looking stickers! look great on your tool box or add at least 10HP to an car!
    michael martin
    Great addition to the cluster of stickers on the toolbox and great quality.
    Can't wait to add these to the literally hundreds of stickers currently in my shop
    Colton Carlton
    I’ll admit, I’m a sticker man. I’ve got them everywhere in my welding shop. Pretty stoked to add these to my collection. Really surprised at how fast you’re shipping them out, too. Thank you!
    Joe Bliss
    Great toolbox decorations at an awesome price. Can't wait to get mine.
    Jeff Schober
    Funny to review stickers but they are good enough to warrant it. If you’re a toolbox / shop sticker collector these are nicer quality then most :-)!
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