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Now you can get curated boxes of swag delivered every month, right to your door, with TWO entries per dollar spent on merchandise. This has been requested by a couple of our customers as an easy way to remember to enter into every drawing. Subscribing is as easy as 1-2-3! We will periodically send limited edition swag items out, like one-off prototypes or items customized by our staff here. Your only way to get these items is to be a subscriber. Please keep in mind that shipping will be part of the sale and will not count toward entry. We are very sensible with shipping and we will not waste your subscription spend by putting a sticker in a large box for mailing!

1: Select your budget (from $25 to $150 monthly). Note – The $25/month subscription is low enough that the shipping can be a large % of the monthly order. For this reason, we will ship these every other month to maximize the value of product you get compared to shipping.

2. Decide if you want to donate your subscription to school we donate merchandise to each month as part of our EDU program, or if you want your subscription shipped to you. Note – when you donate, 100% of your order counts as swag, since we ship donations in bulk at our cost. So yo will get more entries if you donate.

3. Select your Garment Size (they say short sleeve, but we will send you long sleeve items as well, like hoodies)


Full terms are at roguefab.com/drawings. Nothing in this listing overrides those terms.


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