Thin Wall Attachment (TWA) Pressure Dies


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Pressure dies for our T.W.A. (Thin Wall Attachment). These are not usable without the Thin Wall Attachment, which we discontinued. While the TWA is a good attachment and functioned well, our mandrel attachment is easier to use, and much higher performance for thin walled tubing of all types. The TWA was $600 and offered about a 25% reduction in deformation on thin steel/stainless. The Mandrel starts at about $1249.00 and offers about a 90% reduction in deformation on steel/stainless and 75% on aluminum and titanium. It is much more versatile and also works on a broader range of materials. Despite being more expensive, it offers more reduction in deformation per dollar, and that is why we phased out the TWA.

Order ONE of these pressure die sets for each size that you intend to bend with the T.W.A. Each size you order will come with a pair (one front and one rear) of pressure dies for the thin wall attachment.

We recommend that you use the T.W.A. in conjunction with ONE roller pressure die to reduce friction and further improve bending performance.


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