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The RogueFab model 600 bender is the best value on the market. It competes in price with machines that have nowhere near this bending capacity, versatility, and technical support. Our bender is easy to use, accurate, and portable.


We have the most affordable dies in the industry, and all of them bend 180+ degrees. You can forget about “90 degree 1 shot” benders that stop at 90. Our bender can do 94 degrees in one shot (HD and xHD models), and then they can continue and go past 180.

Our M600 can also make S-Bends, which is shown in our videos section. Furthermore, it can bend carbon steel, stainless, brass, copper, and aluminum (round/square tube and pipe). It can even bend thin walled Titanium for turbo manifold work and tubular Titanium frames.

While this machine can bend super thick DOM tubing, it also bends thin 4130 chromoly for roll cages, and can still make accurate 3D bends with ease on either material.

Are you still looking at manual tubing benders? This modern machine was designed to run air/hydraulic (ram is sold separately, $72-119). Compare our maximum capacity to the competition before you buy, because nothing else comes close. This machine can bend solid steel bar up to 2″ diameter! We have the video to prove it. Just click on “videos” in the menu at the top of this page.

Flexible Design

The best thing about our line of tubing benders is how they can easily grow with your shop. You can get the machine now as the basic M600 or the overkill-strong M600 xHD, and be up and running without spending your whole tool budget.

Down the road, there is no need to sell this machine to upgrade:

  • You can add a thin wall attachment to bend thinner tubing.
  • You can upgrade to pressure roller dies for more complex bend geometry and bending aluminum
  • You can upgrade to a 9.5 degree per second power system with auto stops for repeat parts.
  • You can even add a backstop and rotation gauges to keep track of bend spacing and rotation between bends on 3D parts.

Need storage space? We sell cart kits and completed carts for our machines. Want to get advanced? We sell the best bending software in the business, already configured for our machines.

This tubing bender is no bait-and-switch. It comes with EVERYTHING in the pictures except for the hydraulic ram. You can go buy the ram from Harbor Freight to save money on shipping, or get one right off our web page. Our web page is the single most complete source for information on tube bending. Read all of it in our Technical Index (LINK).

Current lead times- 0-3 business days for KITS, 0-5 business days for painted machines, 0-8 business days for powder coated machines.

  • Need help choosing a die? – CLICK HERE
  • Want to see the capacity of every die? – CLICK HERE
  • Need help with the drop down options? Click on the “Info/Videos” tab for in depth explanations.


Die Size: Die that comes with your machine. dies are listed as “OD x CLR”, OD = outside diameter or size, and CLR = Center Line Radius, the size of the bend. For help choosing a die, click here (LINK).

Bender Assembly: The kit is an easy 2 hour welding project. Choose weld/paint or weld/powder coat if you want it shipped complete.

Roller Die: This upgrade allows you to load the machine easier/faster and put bends closer together in some circumstances, and bend steel/aluminum without changing pressure dies. S bends are possible with this upgrade, we have a video showing them here: Video on YouTube (LINK, new window).

Capacity: Our standard bender is STOUT! We also offer the same frame with some additional hardware to make it have HD capacity, it and can bend 1.75 x .250 wall DOM tube without a problem! If you need to bend 2.00 x .250 chromoly or something else extreme, bump your machine up to the M600 xHD, which is a thicker frame and pins, among other things. For a chart of what frame will bend what range of material,click here (LINK).

We have over 25 dies that fit this machine, and we do our best to keep all of them in stock. All dies ship free too! For a complete range of wall thickness this tubing bender can bend for any material, go check out our Wall Thickness Chart (LINK)and you will find the range of wall thickness that it can bend for stainless, carbon steel, and aluminum.

Want proof that the standard M600 (not the xHD) can bend 1.75 solid steel bar?! watch the video:

How much work is it to weld it together? Very little, it’s so easy a novice welder can do it:

How hard is it to change dies? Super easy! Here is a video of a die set change;

*when properly equipped. Please see our wall thickness capacity chart for full details. It is in our tech section on our web page.

101 reviews for Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die

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    Craig Oshea
    I purchased my m600 HD a few months back and very quickly fell in love with it! I’ve since been adding on to it and use it a few times a week now! Can’t say enough good about the machine and the team at rogue fab! Everyone has been nothing short of helpful!!
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    Easy to put together, great quality product.
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    Zac Beagan
    I bought the DIY kit with one die a couple years ago, it's been working flawlessly for me. Used it today for a simple build. The Tube Bending tech on the website is very helpful to get started with.
    Eric nisbet
    I have owned this tubing bender for a few years now . I work in a government aerospace fabrication shop and this thing bends just as well if not better than some of the high end tube benders I use at work , rogues customer service is the best also... We were able to figure out what I was doing wrong and correct the problem ... Buying the rogue bender is one of the best purchases I have ever made
    Cory Thurmond
    From bumpers, fenders, to cages this is the best bender on the market for dollar. Vertical bend saves a lot of shop space.
    An AWESOME bender! I'm still learning how to use it, but the simplicity of it is amazing. The only issues that I have with it are minor binding under tension, and the springs don't fully retract the ram. First issue would have been solved by getting the pre-welded/painted version, and the second is easy enough to do by hand.
    Paul N.
    Bought the xHD version in the weld together kit. I took a bit longer to weld it up than Joe does in the video :)), but everything went together perfectly, and the instructions were easy to follow. I did a huge amount of research before selecting this bender, and am completely satisfied with it. Purchased it for a 1972 K5 resto mod project to fabricate a cage, doors, sliders, and bumper, and some other things I haven't thought of yet. We also used it for my son's high school tech/shop project-he was the only one with a bent tubing catapult-everyone else used wood. It has displaced my welder as my 'favorite' tool. Joe and his team provide a great product and great service. Couldn't be happier.
    This is definitely an excellent bender! Assembly was simple, and the instructions well written. Bends have been accurate and well-formed (I've been bending 1.75 .120 DOM mild steel). No problems or complaints so far!
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Jason Prokosch
    I was very impressed with how precise the metal was cut. Everything just dropped into place. I also came up with a better way to position the two upright plates equal distance from each other. See picture.
    Jarrod Azbill
    I purchased the hd version a couple months back. I opted for the weld together version. The instructions are great, the laser cut pieces fit perfectly. Ive used other brand benders in the past. This one is by far the easiest to use.
    Michael Landis
    The M600 is a great bender, I've used it to build a stock car cage, make repairs to Micro Sprint cars, and we are currently building our 6th go kart cage for the Perdue Gran Prix. This bender is durable, powerful, and versatile. I don't think I'll ever need another bender unless I go over 2" material.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Danny Wheeler
    The weld together kit came faster than I thought and installing was straight forward. The perfect tool. Amazing is an understatement.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Danny Wheeler
    If I could give it more than 5stars I would I gave it 4 so my review would be seen. ---The Bender is amazing and the 75+ 5star reviews before me prove that. But that's not what my review is about. You're not just getting an amazing stand-alone tube bender, You're getting an amazing team behind a tool that is going to help that picture or concept you have in your head become reality. This machine was built by fabricators for fabricators. I can't think of another tube bender or even any tool out there with more support than rogue fab. Anything you want to know has probably been answered on their videos and tutorials. It's almost a self-guided tool and I can't rave enough about it, and this company. PS to the RogueFab team, if you read this, thank you. You've made building my 4runner enjoyable.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Brendan Rudack
    I flew into Troutdale in a friends Cessna Cardinal in late November and picked up a M600 weld together kit. The crew at Roguefab was super helpful planning this pickup as package size and weight were critical to fit into the airplane! It al worked out great. Thank you for going the extra mile. I’ve got my tube bender all welded up and I’ve bent up my first couple “cheaters” to aid with my first roll cage project. Weld together assembly was straightforward with the directions and ample YouTube vids. The parts fit together exceptionally well. I used some basic harbor freight magnetic 90’s and a few clamps. Looking forward to using my bender in the new year!
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Michael Sproch
    I am really impressed with the quality of this bender for the cost. Being that I just use this for personal use the slightly difficult die changes aren't an issue for me.
    Jeff alaniz
    Customer service is awesome, I bent a roller pin twice and they replaced the pins and even included a spring to further strengthen the pin after talking over the phone with them. Thanks rogue fab ??
    Craig R Nelson
    I Purchased the Rogue Fab Bender as weld together kit after almost ordering a competitors brand. The ad popped up on Facebook just in the nick of time. It was almost scary. This was an unbelievably easy kit to weld together with all the accurately cut notches in the pieces. I was able to source the hydraulic cylinder at a local harbor freight that had only 2 left so I bought them both! My first project is to bend up an exoskeleton for my Tucker snow cat out of inch and a half square tubing. The bends that this machine makes are awesome. Next I’ll be ordering dies to bend various diameters of round tubing. My advice to anyone considering this tubing bender is to go for it you won’t be disappointed!
    Grant Garfield
    Bought this bender to build my bug into a baja. Never built the baja bug but I’ve used it for multiple other projects including for making stainless cooling lines for a turbo Subaru swap into the bug. Kit welded together great and works awesome right away. I added some casters to the skids to roll it around on the floor and store it out of the way.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Mike Martin
    Best bender I have ever owned. Weld together kit is seamlessly easy. If you do multiple bends at different axis on the same tube, I would recommend to extra clamp blocks to make the bending process more accurate and faster.
    David Hubbard
    Just picked up my weld together bender kit and 4 dies today. The packaging is very impressive! I can't wait to put this bender together and put it to work.
    Randy Allgood
    We love this bender enough to put our paint guy on it for a little bit. Works awesome.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Love this machine!! This thing helped me build my rig, and worked flawlessly Everytime. Big shout-out to the guys at Roguefab as they have some seriously killer product!!
    With this bender, you get way more quality than you pay for. The only way i could "see" any deformation in the tube from bending was with a micrometer. If you are on the fence about purchasing one, just do it and you won't regret.
    Purchased a weld together kit back at the beginning of 2018. Have built a few things for various vehicles Truck bed racks to rock sliders. Super easy to load tubing and the upward bending motion makes bending long sweeps perfect!
    Tim Nelson
    Didnt have a pic when I first reviewed. Did the weld together kit and had it powdercoated . turned out great . now to get my hands on a versa notcher
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Scott Sullivan
    My 21 year old son just finished his ex-o-cage on his 84 Toyota crawler, using your 600 bender with 1-3/4 die and your tubing notcher he bought from you and it looks awesome. This was the first time he ever tried to do this kind of work and your bender and notcher preformed great even for a novice. I am trying to find a way to send you pictures because I think this would be great promo for Rogue Fab. Thanks for making such a great product that really works as advertised and that even a beginner can get professional results. Thanks again. Scott and Zach Sullivan
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    RL Colina
    Great Product even for a beginner welder and fabricator! Making gear for my FD. Quality customer support even months later. Thanks!
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Awesome bender, went with the build it kit and it went together great! Bent a lot of tube with it already. Including the tubing for the Nash chassis I am doing.
    Tim Nelson
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Zach Frederick
    My main purpose for the bender is to make bash bars and roll cages for grassroots drift and race cars. With this in mind, I got the standard M600 with pressure roller dies in sizes 1.5x4.5 CLR & 1.75x6 CLR. By varying the thickness of 1.75 DOM, cages can be made for a wide range of cars that will fulfill NASA and SCCA rules, with just one die!
    These guys make one of if not the best bender on the market!! Extremely easy to use and the bends produced are extremely smooth with no deformation!!’ Their customer service is amazing! If you haven’t ordered one yet do yourself a favor, they make life easier!!!
    About a year ago I decided to build an offroad toy. The project became way more than I set out to be. It has now become a daily driver rock crawler and I was going to pay a shop to cage it for me but when I came across this bender and and all the details I decided to try it myself. This machine and the guides for bending made it possible for me to do it myself. I am only halfway done with my cage and have already started doing side jobs. This thing has already paid for it's self and the bends are prime.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Purchased weld together kit a while back. Assembly was straightforward with clear instructions. Joe got the package out to me quickly even in the middle of an Oregon snow storm. Stickers were left out by mistake which was quickly rectified, definitely one of the best companies I've dealt with customer service-wise. Originally added an electronically controlled air/oil system, currently running a 3-phase hydraulic unit and double acting hydraulic cylinder setup.
    Reply from Dave:
    Thanks for the review. We are glad you are happy with your purchase. We appreciate your business.
    Anthony T.
    *claps hands* LET *clap*, ME *clap*, TELL *clap*, YOU *clap*! This sucker is balls to the wall the best bender for the buck, maybe not even for the buck, maybe on all levels E-V-E-R! I am what some would call a NOOB, but listen if I can weld it together, make repeatable bends, and not break anything and make products that people want to buy, you, can, too! Product Support has been great, I had my share of questions before buying and even a couple after buying. Here are some of the sliders I have been able to make using the 1.75" x 6" die. Just look at them, would ya just look at them! But seriously, a great product, by a great company!
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Josh Baker
    I love this bender. Its the first one i've ever owned. Its super simple to use. I bought the weld together kit and it went together very easy.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Sam Ayars
    Great bender and great customer support and service! I'm using 1-7/8 x .145-wall DOM and the guys recommended I get the xHD unit - ordered the weld-together kit and my first test made a perfect 180* bend. Couldn't be happier! - Sam Falcon, CO
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Robert Martinson
    100% could not be any happier with my bender. The sales team and customer service departments where top notch and very helpful with any questions and or problems I had. I would recommend them and their bender any time
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Taylor Davis
    I got my xhd kit the day after I talked to rogue about getting it. I’m local so just picked it up. Everything went together flawlessly and I had never bent tubing prior to having this bender and it’s been super straight forward and easy. Even to centering a bend it a tube. They give you the takeup measurements and offsets it’s been amazing I would recommend going rogue fab if you are new to bending or experienced.
    Tubing Bender Model 600 & 1 Die photo review
    Bobby martinson
    Very nice product and very top notch customer service hands down one of the best I’ve ever dealt with.
    Kris terrell
    Great quality easy to use and great customer service! Recommended highly by me!
    Excellent product! Very well engineered this becomes evident in assembly. Shipping was quick and communicated efficiently. Top notch customer service was also a major plus to this purchase. Thank you I will be back for more Rogue products!
    I bought this for my newly acquired kit aircraft business, as it was the only tubing bender I could find that could handle the thick wall 4130 I need to bend for the nose gear strut of the Thatcher aircraft. It was easy to weld up, great instructions, the pieces fit together perfectly! The first part I bent, after accounting for springback came out perfect! I'm thrilled with it, and the price was amazing for the quality! I couldn't be happier with my purchase! In addition, the guys were super helpful on the phone with a few questions prior to purchase, and were able to accomodate my request for a non-standard size die-set and still have it delivered in about a week! Thanks guys! - ben@thatcheraircraft.com
    Purchased the M600 xHD. Picked up the Tubing bender from their shop and had it welded together the next day. Very easy to weld together. Was easier to watch the video's then to read the directions but the directions were good too. The bender worked flawlessly and the math was right on. I built a cross member for my B-pillar on my XJ Cherokee. It had be custom built because I have a Two door Cherokee and I still wanted to use the back seat.
    Finally finished painting and assembly on my M600HD and it is awesome. I am bending up some inner crossmembers for a 50 Nash I am building with a modified C3 chassis. The kit is the way to go, everything fits perfect. Highly recommend this bender!!!
    I purchased the weld together kit and a couple dies. Shipped quick, packaged well. You can not beat this price for a bender that will do 90 degree bends in one pass while you push a button. Being able to take the piece out with the clamp block in place and verify bends is priceless.
    Morgan Newlin
    My wife bought me the weld together kit for Christmas last year. This is my first bender and I am excited to say that it works flawlessly. It has made bending bumpers, cage pieces and everything in between so easy with its ability to bend 90* with one stroke. I added the air over hydraulic ram, my buddies won't stop calling to come over and give it a try. Excellent product
    Stewart Kerns
    I bought one of these about 4 or 5 months ago to do a prototype umbrella stand for a nearby city. I mainly do fabrication as a side job and I had been looking at this bender for a while for rollcages. Since square tube dies were available I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it. I sure am glad I did. I finished the prototype with this bender and got asked to build another 40 down the line. I just finished bending 40 hoops out of aluminum square tube and I have to say this bender did absolutely amazing. I used the UHMW pressure die and it left no marks on the aluminum. Throughout all 40 180* degree bends the machine was more than consistent and I was thoroughly impressed by it. I've used two other benders in the past, the first was an old school manual one (yikes, that one was rough). The other was a competitor's bender that was also hydraulic. It was borrowed from a friend in order to build a rollcage for our Lemons car. While it worked, it lacked things such as over 90* in one bend, you don't realize how useful this is until you have to make a bunch of 90* bends and you have to reset the machine. With this machine, it not only does 90* in one go, it does 95* which is great since all metal will come back some. This is getting to be a somewhat long review but I'd also like to add that I was very impressed by the thought that went into this bender. As an engineer, I can say that a lot of thought was put into the design to not only be a tough bender, but be one that's extremely easy to put together and even easier to use. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the bender and I can't wait to continue using it this summer since I have some more rollcages to build. Oh, and the customer service here is absolutely amazing. There's really not much more you can ask for from a company, great product, American made, and amazing customer service.
    Eric Biles
    So far I love it. I've used the pedestal style benders before, but you have to have them mounted to the floor which was impossible at my location. I haven't been able to use it much since I got it, but started on a bumper and it bends like a dream. Just don't forget to grease the die. I only botched the first bend because I forgot. After the short learning curve I've been rolling right along. The quality of the bender itself is so nice I almost feel guilty for using the cheap harbor freight ram on it. I am really glad I did a bit more digging, while researching for a bender. Because I was real close to going the manual pedestal route. I watched some instructional videos and ran across Joe's videos at Rogue. Thanks Rogue Fab for making my life so much easier.
    Love the bender, beautiful bends with little distortion, just an overall great product
    Fred Frederiksen
    Bought the model 600 weld together kit a few months ago. I love this machine! I received in a professionally packed box. Heavy one. haha. Got it welded together in about an hour and took it to my powdercoater. Building my Rzr cage with it at the moment. Great deal for this high end of equipment.
    Shawn Gibbs
    This is an absolutely amazing machine. I ordered the weld together kit and the quality of the steel is outstanding. The dies are almost too beautiful to use.
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