Scratch, Dent, Blem, Return

Scratch and Dent, Blemished, Returns, etc.

We periodically end up with items that are returned or damaged from shipping or normal handling here at the shop. If they aren’t 100% usable like a new product, we recycle them. You can buy these products at a nice discount, and this page contains photos of what you can expect in those cases.

This is a typical scratch and dent die. This was most likely shipping damage. We can polish these and make them look 99.5% as good as a new die, but we don’t want to try to pass off questionable product as “retail new”. Now you can polish it and save the money compared to new!

Below is a REALLY bad scratch/dent. We have only ever had one this bad. Dents are all on the outside in this case. If there was this much damage on a tube contact surface, this would be recycled, not sold. It is luck of the draw if you get one that is barely blemished or one that is like this. We don’t have time to individually photograph each one.