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Tubing Benders, Tubing Notchers, Die Sets, fabrication tools (ask us how to slow down your drill press so you can drill into metal with it!)

Our Tubing Bender is the BEST VALUE on the market!

• $595 with any 3.5 or 4.5 CLR die set.
• 90 degree bends on 3.5-4.5” CLR dies in ONE ram cycle (180+ degrees in 3 strokes).
• Bends vertical to save space and make it easier to use.
• Support for dies from 3.50″ CLR up to 6.00″ CLR.
• Includes the base and degree wheel.

Why should you buy a Tubing Bender from Rogue Fab? Price and performance. If you have shopped around you have seen what other manufacturers charge for die sets. Or you have seen the benders that don’t bend strong tubing and only bend to 90 degrees. Why spend over $1000 on a bender or make huge compromises in functionality when you could have bought a RogueFab bender and had all the features you need for less money?

Our tubing notcher is finally here!

Check it out and compare it to other notchers, nobody can touch this price with the same feature list. It will clamp in the middle of a bend!


RogueFab is serious about 3 things: engineering, customer service, and American manufacturing. Our designs are efficient and well thought out. Our website is FULL of tech info and free resources for fabricators like articles on how to bend tube, and powerful strength calculators for round and square tubing. If you read through our reviews page you will see how serious we take customer service. RogueFab stands behind their products and listens to all of their customers. We are so focused on delivering a product made in the USA that we have even made sure our cardboard boxes and raw steel and aluminum come from US sources (and of course the machining/design/testing/assembly is done here).