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M600 Bender features “rapid resume” clamping system, which allows you to resume bending after removing material from bender.

VersaNotcher is the fastest and easiest to adjust on the market.

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M600 Tubing Bender
M600 Tubing Bender

• $925 as a kit with any 3.5 or 4.5 CLR (Center Line Radius) die set.
• 94 degree bends (with $65 HD kit) in ONE ram cycle (180+ degrees in 3 strokes).
• Tube bender bends vertical to save space and make it easier to use.
• Support for dies from 2.50″ CLR up to 6.00″ CLR.
• Includes the integrated base and degree wheel.

Our metal tube bender competes in price with machines that have nowhere near this bending capacity, versatility, and technical support. While this machine machine can bend super thick DOM tubing, it also bends thin 4130 chromoly for roll cages, and can still make accurate 3D bends with ease on either material. Furthermore, it can bend carbon steel, stainless, brass, copper, and aluminum (round/square tube and pipe). It can even bend thin walled Titanium for turbo manifold work and tubular Titanium frames. While other machine manufacturers want you to sell your machine and buy another to upgrade, we do not. Keep this machine as your needs change or as your business grows. Simply add more dies, convert to ultra-fast electric hydraulic power, add production features like backstops and rotation stops, anything you need. Furthermore, our web page can teach you everything you need to know about tubing and how to bend it accurately.

Roll Cage Notch By Rogue Fabrication

Our tubing notcher can notch nearly anything. Cut a notch on compound angles, adjust quickly without tools, indicate notch angles accurately, and notch in the middle of a bend! Like the photo above shows, no straight tubing is required. This is how the pros you follow on instagram are getting those perfect fits for TIG welding on their cage gussets. It’s time to take your fabrication to the next level with the help of our tools.

Taco Package
Other Awesome Tools

We only design tools that fulfill a new need. You wouldn’t be shopping for fabrication tools if you liked your projects to turn out boring. Buy the tools that will set your shop apart and save you time:

  • Gusset press brake, AKA “taco press”
  • Shaped Dimple dies (Star, Swuare, Triangle, Oval)
  • Drill Press reduction kits to allow you to slow down your drill press for drilling into stainless and mild steel.
  • And much more!
“The ease and repeatability of my RogueFab bender has helped me build parts that exceed my cusomer’s expectations!”


-Jason Duckett, Iron Duck Fabrication

“The versatility of our tools from Rogue Fabrication allows them to adapt as our shop grows. They understand that need and designed tools for businesses like mine. ”


-Mike Janke, Janke Motorsports

“There isn’t another brand I would put my trust into to make a living.
They have the best design and customer support of any tool manufacturer.”

-Matthew Glasscock, Cock’s Stunt Parts

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