Tubing Bender Technical Overview

Start here! We will help you learn everything you need to know about tubing benders, how dies are measured, and how to select the right machine for your project or shop, even if it isn’t one of ours.

M600 Capacity Chart

Print this out or bookmark it. This is the master list of all capacities of our line of tubing benders. What will bend, and what it will take to get your model 600 to bend other materials. Great resource for chosing materials for projects, and chosing dies!

Tube Calculator and Tube Data

The BEST free tube stress calculator on the internet. Another good one to bookmark and share. Great for comparing and selecting materials for a project.

Bending School

Time to learn how to bend tubing! We’re here to teach you all the details.

H1 Humvee Wheel Tech

Find out why our centers are the best.

Drill Press Reduction Kit Tech

Unless you have a milling machine, you need one of these!