Frequently Asked Questions

About Rogue Fabrication

Rogue Fabrication started as Rogue Offroad Engineering, LLC in 2010. Our first product was H1 wheel centers. The owner (Joe) graduated Magna Cum Laude at Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Business Minor. Joe has been building/modifying recreational offroad vehicles and turbocharged sports cars for 15 years. He has experience from industry as a design engineer and as a manufacturing engineer. Our relentless pursuit for the highest quality, easiest to use, and most cost effective tools has put us on the map for fabricators. You can count on us for the tools that need to be in your shop to make you money.


We ship in locally made (never imported) boxes. We use fiber reinforced paper tape with natural rubber adhesive wherever we can. This extremely strong and durable tape doesn’t need to be removed from boxes when they are recycled, and it is less harmful to the environment to manufacture than any other tape.

Whenever possible, we use post consumer recycled filler material in our boxes (most commonly newspaper, it is very easy to recycle). We also use recycled peanuts, cardboard, and air bags.

We do all this to keep our forest land green and make it so our grand kids can enjoy the same trails, trees, and rivers that we do!

International Shipping Experience

Our company regularly ships products all over the world. We regularly ship to Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, The Philippines, and Japan. We have many customers in South America too (Peru, Argentina, and Brazil to name a few). We can of course ship anywhere, and we have the experience to get your products to you on time, and for the right price.


We ship all international airmail and air freight with electronic invoices and customs forms. That means all the paperwork gets to your country days before your package arrives in customs. Now your customs has had time to research the shipment and contents, and knows everything they need to about the package. It follows a faster route through customs and you get your tools earlier without paying a cent for expedited shipping.


We have the best rates in the industry for ground freight. Please contact us for freight rates. We can ship international freight too, including partial containers.

Long Distance

We have experience shipping all around the world, and we can ship a Tubing Bender to your door in Australia for under $600 in most cases. 

Rogue Fabrication 4Runner

This is the Rogue Fabrication 4Runner. It is meant to be a demonstration of what our tools can do (see how close fitting everything is?) Here are some specs:

*1988 Toyota 4Runner

*1989 Toyota Supra 7MGTE tubro I-6

*R154/R150 hybrid transmission

*Dual transfer cases

*Unimog 404 axles, stock lockers and 7.56:1 gears

*Rogue Fabrication recentered H1 beadlocks with 42” TSLs

Where are your products made?
We take this very seriously. ~98% of what we we sell is made and assembled here in the United states. All of our dies are machined here from US-made Kaiser aluminum (Kaiser has 11 US plants and 1 in Canada). All of our laser cut steel is cut here. Our hitch pins are made entirely in the US. We even buy cardboard boxes that are cut and formed in the US from corrugated board stock that is actually manufactured and tested here in the US! The only parts we currently import are ball bearings and cap screws (and Gildan sews our T shirts in Central America, though they’re printed here in the US). When you buy from Rogue Fabrication, you are supporting American jobs and contributing to this great country’s GDP. All of our products are made by fairly paid employees in a safe licensed work environment in Sandy, Oregon.
Why don’t you make more die sizes?
We started off with the die sizes we thought would be most popular, and we continue to add to that list. If you would like to buy our bender and need a specific die set for ROUND or SQUARE tube, let us know and we will probably start carrying them. Please keep in mind that we will not ever make dies for square tube over 1.5″ and round tube over 2″ (we already have a 2″ tube die and a 1.5″ square die).
Will your tubing bender bend 1.75x.120 tube? (or some other size)
Every die set we have is rated for a minimum and maximum wall thickness of tube. This information is listed under “tech”, in the wall thickness capacity chart.
What new products are you currently working on?
We are developing other products and tools for your shop, but we can’t talk about them just yet. Check back soon for updates. If you want to see a product made, or simply made better/cheaper, send us an E mail and let us know what you want to see on the market. We might let you beta test it if we end up using your idea (we’re already working on a roller).
Can I learn how to bend tube on this machine?
We have many customers that have never bent a tube before who learn on our machine. It is very easy, and we welcome questions.
Can I use your bender to build ______?

The Rogue Model 600 Tubing Bender can make just about any structure from bent tube. We have customers making race car frames, 4×4 cages, bumpers, sliders, motorcycles, choppers, bicycles, air compressor frames, raft frames, ornamental projects, kinetic sculptures, spec rally/SCCA/NHRA/SCORE legal roll cages, etc. Our bender is great for making multi-plane bends too. The only thing our bender doesn’t do is tubing larger than 2″, exhaust pipe, and you can’t have two bends with less than a few inches of straight tube in between them, excluding S bends and repeated bends inline (both of which require a pressure roller die. This is typical for benders that are less than about $8000.

Where are you located?
Our shop located at 42335 SE Marmot Rd, Sandy, Oregon 97055. Please call 503-389-5413 to make an appointment. We’re open from M-F only, 7am to 4:00 pm.
The tube looks flattened/collapsed. Is it?
We had a few customers ask us about tube collapse on our tighter CLR dies, and it prompted us to do in depth engineering analysis of the impact of the difference. We have finished the study, and it posted on our webpage at the bottom of the “bender tech” page. We encourage you to read it, if you still have questions, let us know.
What is CLR? Your web page throws that around a lot.
CLR = Center line radius. It is the size of the bend. See the “Tech” page for in depth coverage of this term and how it is measured.
Do you sell 180 degree dies?
Every single die we sell bends over 180 degrees!
I want to bend roll cages and exhaust systems with one bender. Can I use yours for both?
No. You will likely need a mandrel bender for that. Unless you want to make your exhaust out of 1.75″ by .120 wall tube.
Is this a mandrel bender?
No. This is a rotary draw tubing bender. It uses dies, but no mandrels or wiper dies. Mandrel benders are about 20 times the price of this machine (with minimal tooling). Mandrel benders also have dies that are specific to tube OD, bend radius, AND wall thickness. So the tooling is very specific and very expensive.
Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy is simple. Our system collects the same information that most companies collect. We will have your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, and e mail address on file. We will use your name and e mail address for marketing e mails once a month or less, and we will use the rest of your information only for future orders. We don’t share, sell, or trade ANY of this information with any companies not directly related to your order. Nobody else will be e mailing you unless you requested financing information, and then it will be ONE bank, not 16.

Does it come with the ram?
Our bender doesn’t ship with a ram by default, because they are so heavy. It is usually cheaper for a customer to buy the ram locally (harbor freight sells them for $72 with coupon, $89 without, part number 94562). We do stock and sell the rams for our customers in other countries though. They are made by central hydraulics, and they come out of the box fully assembled and ready to use.
Do you ship to Australia? Or _____________? How much is it?

We ship everywhere. We can ship via sea freight or FedEx or DHL. Even USPS international in some cases. E-mail us for a quote.

Will you take payments or lease your products?

You can do paypal financing right on our cart or contact us for business financing options ($5k min for business financing).

Why do you use aluminum dies? Aren’t they weak

You are wise for questioning the use of aluminum on dies. The only die that wears is the pressure die (the one that the tube actually slides through). Other manufacturers have aluminum inserts here to prevent tube damage, so their dies will wear like ours. We haven’t had a customer wear one out yet, I would expect them to do at least a few hundred bends before they have enough material loss to warrant replacement. And they are less than $20 to replace. We also guarantee our dies for life against damage. If we can bend solid 1.75 bar on them, you can bend .120 wall for the rest of your life on them.

When we designed dies for the Model 600, we started with a design that didn’t use weldments, and also didn’t have any members in significant bending stress. Typical tubing bender manufacturers weld a block onto a round die, and the tube gets clamped to the block with a bolt. There is a weakness in the design of those dies due to the tremendous stress in the area where the block meets the round die, and from the heat affected zone from welding being in that same place. Since our dies have the clamping portion separated from the rotary/main die, all that stress is transmitted to the steel frame through heat treated steel pins.

Aluminum dies also have much better properties to resist galling on steel tube than steel dies do.

We haven’t had a die failure yet, and if you ever crack a die you bought from us, give us a call and we will gladly replace the die for you.

We mentioned that other die designs use a bolt to secure tube into the machine. Our clamp contacts the tube with 100% CNC machined aluminum that matches the profile of the tube, which means no more scratches and gouges in the tube you bend!

What part needs welding?
The entire base is weld together. We have asked some of our customers how long it took them, and the most common response is 2 hours (best is 45 min, longest is 5 or so with TIG welding). The frame rails, base plate, lower support, ram mount, and uprights get welded together. It is VERY easy to put together with our detailed full color instructions.
Do you have the Harbor Freight part number for the ram? I have a 20% coupon I am itching to use.
PN is 94562, have fun shopping : )
I see the tube is clamped on one end, how does the tube held on the back of the bend?
There is a “half moon” pressure die in the back, made from 6061 aluminum. Most of the “big brands” use aluminum blocks in their pressure dies, it prevents galling and scratching of the tube. They wear like brake pads. Expect to replace them after you make about 50 roll cages. We haven’t worn our first one out yet. We will warranty replace these if they wear out too fast for your liking. We stand behind our products.
Why doesn’t anyone else make a bender like this? Where else can I get dies?
This bender design was developed by Rogue Fabrication, LLC, and it is proprietary. We aggressively protect our intellectual property to prevent rip-offs and knock offs. That is why it looks unique, and also why you can’t get the dies anywhere else. There are a few other benders out there that use wheels instead of arms like the manual benders, but they are typically industrial grade units with prices 2-3x ours or more.
Do you offer a military discount?

We do offer a military discount for current active duty and war veterans only. We don’t have enough profit to “slash prices” significantly to say thank you, but we can take a few bucks off. We thought this was way better than nothing, and it shows that we appreciate the risk and sacrifice our military personnel demonstrate for our great country. Discount applies to orders that contain tubing benders only.

Is my Air/Hydraulic ram defective? How do I fill it with oil?
Central Hydraulics does not fill these rams to the same oil level consistently. IF they run low on oil, the pump will pick up air, and it will reduce the travel. To fix the issue, top off the oil and bleed the air out of the system: 1. Stand the ram upright, with the rod compressed all the way down, and pull the little rubber plug out. 2. Fill with oil until it is at the same level as the fill port, and then replace the plug. 3. Extend the ram all the way out with the air pump and then compress it all the way down to bleed any air out of the system into the reservoir where it belongs. Step 3 must be done with the hydraulic valve on the unit turned to the right (tight, closed). Repeat step 3 as needed until you do not hear any more air bleeding out.

Nearly all of our products have a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. We guarantee that our benders will work as we describe, and our other tools will do the tasks they are designed and marketed to do (when assembled per the instructions if applicable) for the life of the product. This includes any damage from appropriate use of frames, hardware, DIES (yes, lifetime warranty on dies when bending appropriate material), and other accessorial products. This warranty has the following exclusions – normal wear from use on products that have not failed under unreasonably short use (determinations made by Rogue Fab), arborless notcher shafts, arbors, products not designed or manufactured by Rogue Fabrication that carry a separate warranty from the manufacturer, all other electronics have a 1 year limited warranty.


All items not in our Swag category (like tools):

We accept returns for unused merchandise only. Returns of most (see below for exceptions) items that have been shipped to the customer  except those in our swag category are subject to a 20% restocking fee and the buyer pays the return shipping (we can e-mail you a FedEx label so you can use our discounted rates if you wish). Items in our swag category are subject to a 50% cancelled order fee (to combat fraud, applies to product only, not shipping). SWAG items are NOT RETURNABLE, Although we stand behind our products and we will help you work through any issues you may be having with any of the items we sell. In no cases is shipping refundable. Exceptions to regular restocking items are any package/purchase over $3,000. These large packages are very labor intensive and time consuming to assemble, and often include machine-to order and custom configured irreversible customization that would be very costly or downright impossible to change. All packages/transactions over $3,000 are for these reasons subject to restocking fees if cancelled at any point after they are paid for, either in full or with a partial/deposit payment. 

Items in our Swag category (mostly clothing):

SWAG items are NOT RETURNABLE. We are happy to exchange them for another size if the fit is not what you expected. For exchanges, there is no restocking fee, you just pay shipping both ways. Items in our swag category are subject to a 50% cancelled order fee (to combat fraud, applies to product only, not shipping). Cancellations attempted to be made after a monthly product drawing will not be able to be cancelled unless you specified in writing at the time of your order that your purchase was to be excluded from our monthly drawings. This policy is to be fair to our paying customers who are entering into drawings legitimately. If any of our sales or management staff suspects a customer of trying to defraud Rogue Fabrication pertaining to our monthly giveaways, you will no longer be entered into the giveaways when you purchase swag from us. 



You are entering a legally binding agreement when you purchase products from Rogue Fabrication, LLC. Upon purchase, you are waiving your right to sue Rogue Fabrication, LLC, or its subsidiaries or officers for any possible loss or damage from the use of our products. This waiver also applies to any travel expenses or legal costs such as court fees or attorney’s fees. You are also releasing Rogue Fabrication, LLC, its subsidiaries, and it’s officers from any any all liability for the products you use. This agreement is transferred with the products to future owners and it is the customer’s responsibility to communicate this agreement to the new owner in the event of a transfer in ownership. Rogue Fabrication reserves the right to refuse any order they see as suspicious or which violates any internal policy such as our intellectual property export policy.