Tubing Benders and Pipe Benders

With over 15 years of manufacturing and design engineering experience, Roguefab has emerged as a shining beacon of quality and durable tube and pipe benders with a price-friendly approach.

Almost all our high-quality range of tools are assembled and sold in the United States itself, embodying elite engineering standards. We utilize premium US-made Kaiser aluminum to machine our dies and source the laser-cut steel for our high precision instruments.

Roguefab tubing benders are renowned for their depth of design expertise, durable construction, and a massive range of pipe bending tools for specific tasks. You can find everything from a roll cage tubing bender to an automatic pipe bender for your plumbing applications.

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What can you do with Roguefab tube and pipe benders?

Roguefab “bend so you don’t break” approach offers great flexibility in customizing the perfect tube bender product that fulfils your needs and surpasses your expectations.

We offer tube and pipe bending machines for a huge variety of metal fabrication projects including:

  • Building roll cages
  • Automotive steel exhausts
  • Non mandrel pipe bender
  • Handrail pipe
  • Wall tubing
  • Furniture
  • Gates
  • Trailer frames
  • Refinery pipes
  • Chromoly bending

How they can be used and what types of metals you can bend?

Generally, tube fabrication is a combination of complex processes such as sawing, disc cutting, shearing, lathe cutting, etc. However, Roguefab tube and pipe benders require minimum expertise to operate while delivering maximum precision.

A Roguefab tubing bender can easily manipulate materials like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass for industrial and commercial purposes.

Even with no bending experience, you can expertly fabricate most of your designs using our tubing benders by following these easy steps:

  1. Introduce the tube into the machine and tighten bolts to firmly clamp it. Connect the tube benders to a compressed air source.
  2. Open valve.
  3. Once you have bent the tube up to 96 degrees, you can stop the process by releasing the valve.
  4. Now take away the pin from ram end and let the springs return it to a closed position, and insert it once again in the next hole.
  5. Now we will return to step 2 (using the next holes) and bend the tube to 145 degrees. Repeating the cycle again will bend it beyond 180 degrees.

Tube Bending Equipment

Roguefab offers top-notch tube bending equipment ideal for high-precision cuts in pipes and tubes at angles even extending up to 225 degrees!

Equipped with quick-release cam for instant adjustment, we empower smaller shops and machinists to source customizable fabrications for a variety of applications. You can easily mount them on a bench vise.

Rogue Fabrication Support

Accuracy, affordability and accessibility are what we aim for in every interaction with our customers. We offer blazing fast lead times for sourcing our tools and ever faster resolution times for your consultation requests. So feel free to reach out and connect with us to purchase your tube bending products at a great price.