Tubing Benders and Pipe Benders

With over 15 years of manufacturing and design engineering experience, Roguefab has emerged as the clear industry leader in quality and durable tube and pipe benders with a price-friendly approach.

Nearly all of our high quality tools and solutions are produced and assembled in the United States, embodying elite engineering standards.

Roguefab tubing benders are renowned for their extreme ease of use, durable construction, and massive range of pipe bending capacity. You can find tools for everything; from a roll cage tubing bender to an automatic pipe bender for plumbing applications. Our benders can bend pipe, DOM tube, HREW tube, copper (hard and soft), titanium, inconel, Sandvik 2507 Duplex Stainless, architectural stainless, sanitary stainless, and Chromoly (as well as Docol R8).

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