Tube Capacity Chart

At Rogue Fabrication we work hard to provide our customers with the most complete and accurate tube bending information available. We do our part to ensure that your fab shop runs as smoothly as possible. Although the chart below is the result of tests we performed on purchased materials, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same results due to the wide variation in material quality from one mill to another. If you want to know what to expect from a specific material, we offer bending diagnostic services. If your tubing bender does not perform to the limits shown in this chart, please call so we can help diagnose the problem. The culprit is usually setup, material quality, or lubrication. The solutions to these issues are usually easy.

NOTE – With the release of our affordable and high-performance mandrel conversion, we have not yet tested all dies to the limit in terms of minimum wall thickness. We will continue to do testing and add the new dies we’re designing for the machine as we discover new lower limits to minimum bend radii. Please e-mail us with your questions!

M601 = Standard

M605 = HD (Heavy Duty)

M625 = xHD (Xtreme Heavy Duty)

Please select HD or xHD machine capacity for compatibility with the mandrel attachment