Bending Videos

Seriously Tough. Bending solid bar!

 The M600 can make an S Bend!

Fan Video! “The Fabricator” reviews the M600!

Automatic Tubing Bender Perfect for Roll Cages, Chassis, Suspension Work!

 Will It bend?!

How to Assemble a Rogue Fabrication Model 600 Tubing Bender

Bending HEAVY Tube on the Rogue Fab Bender

Rogue Fab Tubing Bender Welded in 12 Minutes – Uncut, Unedited

4.5 Inch Radius Bend Vs. 6 Inch on 1.75x.120 DOM Rogue Fab Bender

Rogue Fab Tubing Bender Degree Sticker Application

Die Change on Rogue Fabrication Tubing Bender

Thin Wall Attachment (TWA) For Model 600 Bender

Repeat identical parts with an M600 Backstop!

VersaNotcher Videos

Notch on a bend! VersaNotcher From Rogue Fabrication

VersaNotcher – The Universal Tubing Notcher

Drill Press Reduction Kit Videos

Drill Press Reduction Kit Used for Tapping

Dimple Dies Videos

Shaped Dimple Dies From Rogue Fabrication!