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Rogue Favorites – Tube Bending Techniques, Shop Projects, Roll Cages, and More!

Learn the easiest tube bending techniques, watch shop projects like how to make roll cages and hand railings, and see in depth tips and tricks on pipe bending and tube notching. This is the best place to start your fabrication learning.

Learn About Tubing Benders, Notchers, Press
Brakes, Dimple Dies, and Other Tools!

We show you all the features of our tools so you know EXACTLY what they can do for you. Be sure to watch our project videos to see all these tools in REAL use on REAL shop projects.

Shop Updates – See What is Happening here @ RogueFab!

We give you a peek behind the scenes at the work we’re doing, the testing and R&D projects we have, and more!

Tubing Bender Specific Videos – Abuse testing, tips and tricks, easy techniques, and tube design tips

After you’ve watched our favorite videos, this is a great place to see the testing we’ve gone through. Most of these videos are older, which is a great way to see how much better our production quality