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Playlist 1:

BENDER TECH: Tubing Bender tips and tricks, how they work, how to buy one

Playlist 2:

Projects and HOW-TO Videos: Bending, Notching, Design, Layout, and more!

Playlist 3:

SHOP PRESS TECH: Press brakes, Force Control, Automation, and More!

Playlist 4:

BEND QUALITY: Mandrel Benders, Thin Wall Roller, How to measure bends, and more!

Playlist 5:

TOOL TECH: Tube Notchers, Dimple Dies, Drill Presses, more!

Playlist 6:

BENDING MAX CAPACITY: 2.0″ Solid Steel, Carbon Fiber, 5 Bends at once, and more!

Playlist 7:

BUILD SERIES: 1972 BMW 2002 ROAD RACE car – 6 Speed Manual, 400+HP Twin Turbo, sub 2500lbs, and CHEAP!

Playlist 8:

BUILD SERIES: 1988 Toyota 4Runner – Turbo supra, Manual Transmission, Unimog Axles… the works!

Playlist 9:

HELP: Welding your M6xx bender, diagnosing hydraulics, stickers, and upgrades

Playlist 10:

Shop Updates and Interviews with Creators!

Playlist 11:

WINNERS: Giveaway/Drawing winners announced LIVE