Checkout Notices
1) USA Addresses: A state is required, and must match your zip code. If you are getting a checkout error for billing state, EDIT your billing address (not your shipping address) and put in the correct state. This includes checkouts that use PayPal.
2) Same day express shipping cutoff is 9:00 AM PST for in-stock items. Call to verify stock if your timeline is critical.
3) INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We ship worldwide. If you don't see a rate for shipping, e mail us. Nearly all orders from RogueFab don't require a refund, but banks have started (in 2023) skimming money off refunds for profit. We will only refund what we are paid by you if we have to process a full or partial refund! Your bank may take 5-15% (or more) of your refund, which is between you and your bank.
4) Contact us (before ordering) for VALID Tax exemptions over $10. We will need your exemption certificate with a date your state accepted it. We do not refund sales tax post-purchase.

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