Dune buggies have been around since 1950 and are still being built and raced. The original buggy came from the body of a Volkswagen beetle, hence the name. They were cut up and made with fiberglass. All buggies are 2wd which makes them soar over the dunes. The original dune buggy was made by Meyers Manx, in 1964. Protolite Racing has been around for almost 20 years, creating plans and parts for the dune buggies you see in the world today. With multiple generations of revisions and trial/error, they have perfected their buggies to be fast, fun, and as safe as they can be. A roll cage isn’t just something to look at, it is what will save your life.

Buggies are open cab design without doors, or windows for low weight, but nets are sometimes added to the windows. They are typically equipped with specialized long travel suspension and a high ground clearance.
Because they are usually built with tube frames or fiberglass bodies, they are a lightweight construction with the rear engine over the drive wheels for traction.
How are these safe you ask? The Protolite plans make this buggy with a rollover protective structure, optional seatbelts, and other restraints (doors, nets, and shoulder barriers) for the protection of the occupants.

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Protolite Racing makes plans for the SS1000 and the DXT Single Seat (both listed for $119.99). They include the roll cage frame plans, but do not include dimensional prints for the A-Arms or the front and rear wheel kits.
Protolite does sell those parts on their website: https://www.ptlracing.com/ When buying from plans from Protolite, they offer a 5% discount on select components needed to complete the build, which helps to save you the cost of the initial plans. Dxt Plan PicSs1000 Pl

Equipping your buggy with a roll cage will help protect you and your passengers in case of an accident. The roll cage has to be strong enough to absorb the impact of the crash while dissipating it away from the buggies occupants. Safety features can include a roof, window netting, five point harness, and all the frames are made out of 1.5″OD 0.083 wall HREW tubing, but can also be made with 1.25″OD 0.083 wall HREW tubing.

Lets talk budget. While the plans to build the chassis are $119.99, the entire build can take you anywhere between $10k – $36k. Buying the Rogue Fab Dune Buggy Fabricators Package (PTL and Others!) will make this build more affordable and convenient!

Are you ready to have fun? These builds will get you and the family(or just you!) out in the dunes having a blast. Be safe, be fast, and have fun!

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