Rogue Fab has done it again with their new and improved Metal Tube Bender M601! This standard/heavy-duty metal bender is ideal for bending most configurations of brass tubing, aluminum tubing, copper, and more.

The Rogue Fab M601 is a top-seller and the ultimate tool for any job that requires bending brass tubing. It offers incredible value for money – and we ship nationwide!


The Rogue Fab M601 is perfect for various applications, including roll cages, air lines, plumbing, and more. It handles most bending jobs effortlessly. Whether you want to create custom exhaust pipes or simply need to bend tubing for a home improvement project, Rogue Fab has the ideal tools for the job.


  • Easy 94-degree one-shot bending and goes up to 180 degrees
  • Portable, versatile and powerful
  • Multiple dies for various applications
  • Built-in degree indicator for precise bends every time
  • Competitive price

What are the different ways to bend brass pipes & tubes?

There are several different methods. Each method has pros and cons that you should take into account before deciding which is best for your project.

Draw bender

A draw bender uses a die and a mandrel to create the desired shape. It produces very clean and accurate bends, but can be quite slow and may not be suitable for large projects

Mandrel bender

A mandrel bender works by gripping the pipe or tube with a series of dies mounted on a mandrel. It produces bends that are very tight and accurate, but can be quite expensive.

Three-roll bender

A three-roll bender uses three rolls to grip the pipe or tube while bending it to the desired shape. It’s relatively fast and affordable, but may not produce as accurate or precise bends as other methods.

Compression bender

A compression bender works by compressing the pipe or tube with a die to bend it. It’s fast and affordable, but can sometimes distort the shape of the pipe or tube.

What to look for when buying a brass tubing bender?

Check out these factors to find the perfect bender for your needs.

  • First, before purchasing a brass tube bender, consider the diameter of the tubing you will be working with. Make sure that the tubing bender is compatible with the size of the tube that needs bending to avoid any problems or damage during use.
  • Next, consider the wall thickness of the tubing. You need to ensure that the bender can handle the thickness so that the tubing isn’t damaged during bending.
  • Also, consider the bend radius. This is the distance from the center of the tubing to the outside edge of the bend. Make sure the bender can accommodate your desired bend radius to guarantee perfect results every time.
  • Finally, consider the tubing material. Some materials are easier to bend than others, so make sure the bender can handle the type of tubing you need to work with.

Here at Rogue Fab, we can help you find a bender that is durable and easy to use so that you can get the most out of it.

Benefits of Rogue Fab brass tube & pipe benders

There are many benefits to using Rogue Fab tube/pipe benders. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits in turn.

  • Easy to Use: One of the main advantages of using Rogue Fab brass tube/pipe benders is that they are so easy to use. Easy access and portability are valuable benefits!
  • Versatility: Rogue Fab benders can be used on a variety of different projects and allow you to create precise bends in a variety of materials (aluminum, carbon steel, copper, brass, chromoly, thin titanium, and more), making them an essential tool for any home or workshop.
  • Range of sizes and options: Our range of add-ons and dies means you can find the perfect tubing benders for your needs.
  • Warranties: Rogue Fab offers an industry-leading warranty. And our no-nonsense refund policy ensures all customers are satisfied with their purchase. We also provide full instructions and technical support.


How hard is it to bend brass tubes?

It depends on the type of brass you’re using. Softer brasses are easier to bend than harder steels. Also, the thicker the tubing wall, the more difficult bending becomes. Generally speaking, most people find that bending brass steel tubes is relatively simple compared to other metals. The Rogue Fab M601 tubing bender and tools make it easy!