Rogue Fabrication specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality metalworking tools. We know the secret of copper pipe benders that produce consistently perfect results. Rogue Fabrication products are made in the USA, but worldwide shipping is available.

Rogue Fab is known for its premium quality M601 copper pipe benders and excellent customer service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all products.

What are the different ways to bend copper pipe & tube?

There are three main ways to bend copper pipes. A tube spring is the most common way to bend copper, as it is relatively cheap and easy to use. But bending machines offer a more accurate bend.

Pipe bending springs

First, a bending spring is inserted into the copper pipe. Then the spring is compressed to allow bending of the copper pipe without causing pipe collapse. Springs are cheap and easy to use but only suitable for soft metal pipes such as thin-wall copper pipes typically used as water supply pipes.

Manual tube benders

Less expensive, but they require more effort to use. The tubing is inserted into the bender, and a lever is used to bend it. The advantage: you have more control over the amount of pressure you apply, which means you can avoid kinking the tubing.

Automatic tube benders

More expensive, but they are easier to use. The pipe/tube is inserted into the bender, and the machine does the rest. The advantage: an automatic tube bender is much faster than a manual bender and produces more accurate bends.

What to look for when buying a copper tube bender?

A few things you should keep in mind when buying a tube bender include:

  • The project: For making simple bends, a manual bender will suffice. But an automatic bender is better for more complex bending.
  • Material: Do you only need to bend copper pipe? Then any type of bender will work. But you will need special tools for bending other materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Size of the project: Is it a small project that only requires some small bends? A regular manual bender will work fine. But a heavy-duty bender is your best choice if you need to make multiple larger bends.
  • Price of the bender: Prices vary widely. Choose a bender that fits your budget and your needs. Rogue Fab offers the best value-for-money benders on the market!
  • Warranty: Some benders come with a warranty, but others don’t. Rogue Fab’s copper pipe benders have a comprehensive warranty.

What are the Benefits of Roguefab copper pipe benders?

  • Durable: They can handle large projects without breaking or bending.
  • Easy to use: Even if you have never used one before, T correct insertion of pipes and bending them is easy to learn with a Rogue Fab bender.
  • Versatile: 94-degree one-shot bending and 180 degrees+ bend range.
  • Affordable: Save money on your projects and still get high-quality results.
  • Warranty: You will be covered if something goes wrong with your bender.


How hard is it to bend brass copper pipes?

Thin copper pipe is easy to bend. You will be able to quickly learn how to use a Rogue Fab bender.

What is the difference between a copper tube bender and a copper pipe bender?

A copper tube bender is designed to bend smaller diameter tubing. A copper pipe bender is made for larger-diameter piping. Both types function similarly, but pipe benders typically have a greater bend radius.