Educational Program and Donations

Donated Merchandise

Every month, we take all donated swag/merchandise (stickers, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, etc) and give it all to a high school. We choose the school but you can leave a comment here on this page if you want us to consider a specific school for this honor.

How to nominate a school for receiving the donation: Obviously, tell us which school. Also, let us know if there are students doing good for their community or an instructor that is going above and beyond while teaching their students and being a steward to the fabrication industry. We will pick the school with the most merit, so details are good here.

Donating swag is easy. Shop for it, place your order, and chose “LOCAL PICKUP” at checkout. Enter “Donate to the students” into the notes section at checkout. Your receipt from our store will be your only proof of purchase. We will hold these items until the end of the month and send them all to the school at that time.

Educational Program

We work with schools. Contact us from your .EDU (or other official) e mail address for information on what we can do to help your students and your school learn technical fabrication. Or call and ask for Joe. We will require proof that any machinery will be used in curriculum in the classroom.


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