Donated Merchandise

Every month, we take all donated swag/merchandise (stickers, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, etc) and give it all to a high school. We choose the school, but you can leave a comment here on this page if you want us to consider a specific school for this honor

How to nominate a school for recieving the donation: Obvisouly, tell us which school. Also let us know if there are students doing good for their community or an instructor that is going above and beyond while teaching his students and being a steward to the fabrication industry. We will pick the school with the most merit, so details are good here.

Donating swag is easy. Shop for it, place your order, and chose “LOCAL PICKUP” at checkout. Enter “Donate to the students” into the notes section at checkout. Your receipt from our store will be your only proof of purchase. We will hold these items until the end of the month and send them all to the school at that time.

The school chosen for March 2020’s drawing is West Sioux High School in  Hawarden, Iowa! Donation shown in image below.

Educational Program

We work with schools. Contact us from your .EDU (or other official) e mail address for information on what we can do to help your students and your school learn technical fabrication. Or call and ask for Mike. We will require proof that any machinery will be used in curriculum in the classroom. 



  1. I nominate Joe Herndon AVTS in Raytown, Missouri.

    I graduated from there in 1998. They are a great learning facility that could definitely benefit from having a bender to advance their fabrication side of the Welding Program.

  2. I too would like too nominate Moraine Valley Community College Welding Program in Palos Hills, Illnois. the school and program is a shining example of service to the community of working class folk. Providing education and skill sets to blue collar workers.

  3. I love the things Rogue Fabrication brings to the table and only hope I could be one of the many fabricators that make a difference in how metal works are viewed.

  4. I am nominating Daniel Matthews at Goddard High School in Roswell, New Mexico. He was a teacher of mine 20 years ago and taught numerous kids to weld and fabricate. He devoted tons of his personal time taking us to welding competitions for FFA, many of which we won. He taught me and many many others I know numerous fab skills, and tons of his students went on to be welders, pipe fitters, etc. To this day he still devotes his time to the high school students at Goddard high school. I would love for my swag (I picked for donation) to be donated to his school, or any other deserving school!

    Jeff Argo

  5. I nominate Moraine Valley Community College Welding Program Palos Hills, Illinois. Great program and great instructors, including past AWS President Jim Grier.

    • Thank so much we will definitely consider them.

  6. I am nominating the School of Engineering, Innovation, and Design in San Diego CA. We have a CNC and Manufacturing program at this high school.

  7. I am the one who suggested West Souix High in Howarden, Iowa (back in March). The Ag instructor (Matthew Debrick) helps the students learn how to fund raise, do work in the community like cover crop piles, and more! And of course, he shows them how to weld and make things out of metal. This school deserves donations!

    • I nominate Maple Mountain High School, in Spanish Fork Utah. Our students always are willing to help support or community. Fixing their equipment, and building things for residents. Students come away from the program as hard workers, who value the soft skills of the job, but have the hard skills to get it done.


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