Bender Accessories and Customization

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  • Dsc09130

    M600 to M601/605/625 Upgrade Kit! (Upgrades old models to be like our current ones)

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  • Sale!

    M600 Bender Vinyl Wrap Graphics

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  • Flag Wrap M625 1000px

    M601/605/625 Bender Vinyl Wrap Graphics (Current Machines)

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  • Bender Upgrades Package

    Bender Upgrades Package

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  • Saftey Green

    Upgraded Degree Indicator

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  • Bend & Mandrel Position Measurement Tool

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  • RogueFab 4.5″ Steel RF Logo

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  • Sale! Hammered Grey Logo, Cobalt Blue Round Backer

    RogueFab Logo Layer Plate Round

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  • Sale! Yellow Flame, Red Logo

    RogueFab Logo Layer Plate Flame

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  • Sale! Black Backer, Red Flame With Black Logo Unedited

    RogueFab Logo Layer Plate Splat

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  • Hammeredcopper3inch

    RogueFab 3″ Steel RF Logo

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  • Color Pallet

    RogueFab 2″ Steel RF Logo

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  • Tube Rotation/Index Gauges

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  • Breakaway Die Change Pin

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  • Spare/Service/Rebuild Parts for M600 Series Bender

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  • Laser Pic

    Laser Engraving Service – Clamp Block Bend Indexing

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  • 20220223 140231

    Seal Kit for Rogue Fab Hydraulic Cylinder

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