Breakaway Die Change Pin




Knob is precision CNC machined from US-produced billet 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum here in the USA. They are Type II Anodized here in Oregon and assembled complete with set screw and high yield strength Delrin with a precisely controlled outside diameter, perfect for us changing dies in your M600.

Our M600 Tubing Bender has a VERY easy die change process that uses one of the die pins to pivot all the heavy parts of the machine and allow very easy die changes (see “VIDEOS” section for the process). The only downside to this process is that if you get interrupted and are using one of our faster hydraulics systems, it is not hard to accidentally run the machine locked! This will bend your bend wheels in a hurry. We have a simple solution, a brittle Delrin pin that breaks before your bend wheels are ruined. Even better, you can buy just the part that breaks to make a mistake cost you even less!


Want to see a video of this pin exploding in slow motion? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! We will make one soon (click the bottom right corner in any of our videos to go to YouTube and subscribe). In the mean time, we show this pin being used at around 10:30 into this project video:

Are you worried about learning how to bend tube? Or learning a new machine? Ours is the easiest to use, and able to make to most complicated bends. Let us show you in under 7 minutes:

Want to see a whole project from start to finish, and even more bending tricks that are 100% unique to our design? Watch this video:


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