Bending dies – Delrin and Custom Dies *See Description*


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Customize The Options To Get The Perfect Tool For Your Needs


3 Month Lead times Possible Subject To Machine Shop.

These are ALL made for 7/8″ diameter pins unless you specify in the notes (at checkout) you need a 3/4″!

We make dies from Delrin (a high lubricity and moderately high tensile engineered plastic) for bending critical appearance soft metals like aluminum, especially when it is polished or anodized. This makes post-bending finish work nonextant in most cases. The most common dies we machine for these applications are 1.660 (1 1/4″ pipe) x 6.0 CLR (CLR = Center Line Radius), 1.90 (1 1/2″ pipe) x 6.0 CLR, and 1.315 (1″ pipe) x 6.0 CLR, and 1.050 (3/4″ pipe) x 4.5 CLR. We sell them based on the CLR, and you specify the tube or pipe diameter in your order notes at checkout. Delrin is about 1/4 the strength of billet 6061. It works very well for bending applications with moderate wall ratios and D ratios (See our tech section for more information on ratios). If you ever “fold” your material in a Delrin die, you can break them. Mandrel bending will prevent this, as will bending with conservative wall ratios and D ratios. We guarantee these dies to be free of workmanship defects, but if you fold material in the die, that is not a workmanship defect, it is misuse. 

We also machine custom dies from billet (like our regular dies) or Delrin. You can also use this listing to order custom-machined dies. Use the following information to choose the right configuration:

Custom clamp? This applies if you are NOT matching our current dies. For example, a single 1″ tube clamp is something we already make. We sell 1-inch dies all the time. We also make 3/4 and 7/8 combo dies, so that is not custom. If you want to have (2) 3/4″ tubes on the same die to speed up production, that is custom! Select custom clamp if you are having us make a new clamp not already on our web page.

Custom CLR? We have standard CLR (Center Line Radius) of 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, and 6.0. This is the radius of the bend. We can go slightly over 6″ CLR on small applications, so a 1.125 (1 1/8″) x 6.5 CLR die is possible.

There are MANY limitations to custom dies. We may contact you and discuss your application or cancel your order if you order an application that will not work. Please keep in mind that thin rectangular tubing is not a sensible thing to try to bend without highly advanced mandrel bending equipment (think $80k+). If you are about to order dies for 1x2x.065 rectangular tube, please reconsider.


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