Cutting Fluid for notching, 4 oz


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  • Weight:

    0.5 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    3 × 2 × 1 in


Kick ass cutting fluid made by Tap Magic. Biodegradable. Makes all drill bits and cutters last longer.

3 reviews for Cutting Fluid for notching, 4 oz

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    Axis Metal Wërks
    Full video review of me drilling through 3/8" wall, stainless steel, square tubing @ This stuff is the "butter" for the proverbial "hot knife" tool you're using. Seriously, you will get better cuts, drilling, and tapped holes with this stuff. Additionally, your tools will take less wear and tear which is both a time and money saver.
    Harley Fields
    Absolutely best fluid I have ever used for tapping/cutting ever.......... Just wish I had gotten this year's ago
    Dustin DePriest
    Helps smooth out the hole saw cutting process by keeping the saws sharper for longer. A must have for hole saw longevity.
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