Side Die Rack for M600 Cart – Hanging

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After input from our customers, we decided it was time to head back to the drawing board and come up with a much faster and easier to use die rack system for our carts. This rack will fit any cart we have sold, and ships fully welded and powder coated. The entire assembly is precision laser cut and then formed on a CNC press brake and finally welded in our shop here in Oregon. All 4 die contact points are covered in a metal reinforced vinyl to protect your valuable tooling from damage and nicks. The ends of the rack frame perfectly fit pressure roller dies, as shown in the photos. Easily stores dies from 3.5 CLR up to 6.0 CLR, and can be used in carts with with drawers (elite carts) and without drawers (tradesman carts). SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Max of 2 per cart can be installed. Finish options list black/grey, that is the color theme of our products, all racks are black if they are ordered finished.

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