ELITE M600 Bender Cart


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  • Weight:

    149 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    31 × 22 × 5 in

  • Assembly:

    Weld Together Kit, Welded/Powder Coat


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***Appearance notes: We are in the process of changing from a bolt-on steel lower shelf to an easier-to-assemble lower shelf that looks nearly the same, but has the frame structure incorporated into the shelf. Once this change is made, the whole cart will be hammered grey (shelves won’t be black anymore).

These are awesome carts for our tubing benders. The elite model comes fully welded and powder coated (or as an affordable, ground-shipping eligible weld-together kit), and loaded with excellent features like:

-Heavy duty ball bearing drawer slides with automatic spring closures
-Ultra Heavy duty ball bearing casters with locking 5″ wheels, and pivot locks. These are nicer than the casters on $3K tool boxes.
-Heavy steel construction (these weigh about 100#! without any racks added)
-Massive 1200#+load capacity
-Dual drawers for storage, rated at 100# each
-Hooks for wrenches (3)
-2 die block shelves
-locks and clamps to secure bender
-Precision lower shelf if laser cut from P&O steel and formed on a CNC press brake
-Every part is made in the USA except the nuts/bolts/wheels. Even the drawer slides are made here!

Weld Together Kit: This cart requires welding, assembly and paint/powder coat. These ship ground (affordably).

“ALL-IN-ONE” Weld Together Kit includes:  (2) Weld together side die racks. (1) Notcher Pedestal Mount (1) Versanotcher offset bracket (1) beast rack (1) Weld together lower die rack

Welded/Powder Coat (Hammer Grey/Black): This is our Elite Cart welded and powder coated. Just mount the casters and you are ready to go. Powder coated carts ship via FREIGHT. These are too large to ship in a box. Our cart should automatically ship your whole order via freight once you add this while you’re shopping.

“ALL-IN-ONE” System Includes:
(2) Powder coated die racks. These cradle shaped racks hold 3-5 bending dies and 2 roller pressure dies each. Vinyl lined to protect your investment (dies).
(1) Pedestal mount to mount your VersaNotcher to your cart
(1) Offset bracket to allow VersaNotcher to be used while mandrel or backstop are installed
(1) Beast Rack – Holds 24 Clamp blocks, 16 roller pressure dies, 7 bender pins, 4.5″ grinder, 2 angle cube clamps, 16 arbors (half with hole saws), and can hold about 20 die spacers (washers).
(1) Lower Die Rack. Holds 5 to 10 dies up to 12” diameter. Powder coated, 3/16” CNC cut steel, vinyl edge protection for dies, and burly!

Machine Dimensions:

M6xx tubing bender: (assembled, ready to bend): 12”x30” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 12”x47”x32” (LxWxH). Weight 140-200 lbs.

M6xx Bender on Cart: 22”x34” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 22”x47”x68” (LxWxH). Weight 210+ lbs (depends on cart contents).


Dimensions on cart – ELITE shown

3 reviews for ELITE M600 Bender Cart

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    I really like this cart. From the design and fitment to the ease of assembly and great features. Like high quality casters with better locks than most others I've used. The hydraulic unit mounts neatly underneath, with easy hose and cable routing. The drawers pull out almost completely for great access. I would highly recommend this unit, just like all of their products.
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    20230318 153530
    William Ratliff
    The Elite M600 bender cart is handy as a pocket on a tshirt. The drawers and die rack keeps tools and supplys where they need to be.
    Roger Harris
    Got the elite weld together kit on cyber monday2021 was at house on friday a lot heaver than i thought it would be nice cart once i get welded together
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