Laser Engraving Service – Clamp Block Bend Indexing

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This is a SERVICE to add laser engraving to your clamp blocks. These marks are used to measure rotation of your tubing between bends in our M6xx tubing benders.  You compare the marks on the clamp block to a scribed line on your tube, telling you how many degrees of rotation you have. Scribing the line is easy, just lay a piece of angle iron on your tubing and use a sharpie or scribe to get a perfectly straight line. You can order this service for new clamp blocks at the time of your order. Clamp blocks come with every die we sell, and they can also be purchased separately. Since our tubing benders come with dies, those also include clamp blocks. To make the process easiest for our team, please put in your checkout notes which clamp blocks you want engraved. If the QTY of laser engraving services (this item) matches the number of clamp blocks in your order, we will engrave them all.

As an option, you can engrave both sides of your clamp block. We think this is overkill. Just order (2) of this service for each clamp block you want engraved if you would like both sides of your clamp block done.

If you want this service done to your clamp blocks already in your possession, that is not a problem. The price is the same. You will have to ship them to us. Order this service first (it includes shipping costs to return your blocks to you), and include a copy of your order in the box you send us the clamps in.

2 reviews for Laser Engraving Service – Clamp Block Bend Indexing

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    Migael Rheeder
    Highly recommend getting your blocks engraved. Absolutely worth the little extra cost
    Demon Lanphar
    I had all my 11 clamp blocks engraved. This will allow me to more accurately, and quickly produce quality bends .
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