Residential/Liftgate/Appointment/Remote Access Delivery for Pallet Freight



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This ONLY applies if your order is shipping freight and you want to ship it to a location that has what the freight industry calls “accessorial charges”. If you are looking at that as a shipping option, you can always pick up your freight at the terminal to avoid ALL fees. We charge the exact amount (to the penny) we are billed for these services.

RESIDENTIAL – If the property you are on has a dwelling space for human being on it, you are likely in a place the freight companies consider to be residential. The same applies to farms, many churches and schools, and anywhere else that is surrounded by homes. If you are not sure, you are almost guaranteed to be considered residential.

LIFT GATE – If you don’t have a working forklift or a freight dock at the correct height for a semi truck trailer, this fee applies.

REMOTE ACCESS – If the freight company considers your location to be remote, this will apply. Usually if the truck has to drive more than a few miles from a major highway or interstate this is possible. If you are really difficult to access or in an area without road signs or pavement this will likely also apply.

APPOINTMENT – If you are not going to be available the entire day without interruption when the freight is delivered, you can call the freight company to request an appointment or a call before delivery. This service is expensive unfortunately.


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