Mandrel Bends to Show Your Customers


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  • Weight:

    9 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    12 × 16 × 4 in


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If you are in the business of selling bent tubing in any way – like a roll cage builder, general fabrication shop, handrail contractor, etc… You have probably heard of our mandrel bender. You probably already know how incredible the bend quality is, but it can be tough to convince your customers how much better the bends will look once you add a mandrel to your machine – UNTIL NOW!

Order a bend from us that was made on our Model 600 bender with a mandrel attachment, and you can show the bend quality to the next customer that walks in your door for a custom SFI 25.3 roll cage for a 1971 GTX, or a spec cage for a Formula Drift FD.

Once they have a regular and a mandrel bend in their own hands, and a quote from you for the cage bend with and without a mandrel, they will have all the information they need to decide to order the safer, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing cage for their project. And your very first full cage or medium sized handrail project will pay for the entire mandrel attachment and a few mandrels (and we’re talking about just the increase over the non-mandrel quote, not the whole job!).

All bends are around 60 degrees and have about 3″ of straight tubing at one end.

  • 1.625 x .083 4130N is the most common tubing for drag race applications.
  • 1.75 x .095 1020 DOM is the most common for side-by-sides (like Polaris RZR, Can-am Maverick, etc)
  • 2.00 x .120 1020 DOM is the most common in SCORE off road racing and trophy trucks
  • 1.75 x .120 1020 DOM is the most common in all other offroad applications over 3500 lbs.

For more details on tube and applications, see our tech section.


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