Ultra Motorsports Package (M625) NHRA/SFI/SCORE, 4×4, SXS**


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  • M625 metal pipe bender can do 94 degrees in one shot and go past 180 degrees
  • Bends a variety of metals - mild carbon steel, chromoly, stainless steel, aluminum and more!
  • Extremely accurate and easy to use
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE with software (see description below)
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
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  • Weight:

    300 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    30 × 24 × 26 in


Customize The Options To Get The Perfect Tool For Your Needs


This product is protected by US Patent No. 11529663 and No. 11478838, and has other pending patent(s).

This package comes with everything you need to build nearly any cage or chassis component for any motorsport industry! Easily make accurate 25.5, 25.4, 25.3 or other drag or road race chassis, and also make SCORE-compliant off road roll cages and other recreational off road cages and components for vehicles like bouncers, crawlers, side-by-sides, and more. Complete welded m625 (xtreme heavy duty) tubing bender with all stickers already applied, and a fully assembled VersaNotcher or UltraNotcher. Comes with Bend Tech Pro bending software, and indication for bend angle and rotation of bend planes. Full color instructions and tech support included. Dies are on a 6 inch radius for the best bend quality and adherence to competition regulations, except 1 inch (where a 4.5 radius is plenty). See below for full list of every component for each package. All clamp blocks are laser engraved for tube rotation. Non-mandrel applications include our new Thin Wall Roller (TWR) assembly for excellent bend quality on 1 5/8″, 1 3/4″ and 2″ diameter tube work. Our current lead times are based on order volume during Black Friday weekend, orders will ship in the order they are received.

OPTION 1: “Standard M625 Pkg”

  1. Model 625 Metal Tubing Bender (welded and powder coated, ready for use) with sticker for non operator side instructions, as well as the following dies, all upgraded to pressure roller dies, and all with our new billet CNC machined die spacers installed:
    • 2.00 x 6.00 CLR (w/ Thin Wall Roller Components)
    • 1.75 (1 3/4) x 6.00 CLR (set up in Thin Wall Roller out of the box!)
    • 1.625 (1 5/8) x 6.00 CLR (w/ Thin Wall Roller Components)
    • 1.50 (1 1/2) x 6.00 CLR
    • 1.25 (1 1/4) x 6.00 CLR
    • 1.00 x 4.50 CLR
  2. VersaNotcher Tubing Notcher
    • 8 hole saw arbors
    • 1 Hole saw for each size of die
    • Cutting oil
    • Zinc Coating
  3. Tube Rotation Gage with top plate and clamp – for 3D bending
  4. Tube bending design software (Bend Tech PRO)
  5. Air/hydraulic Cylinder for tubing bender with hand release knob
  6. Large T Shirt (other size upon request, enter note at checkout)
  7. L/XL Flex fit Embroidered Hat (S/M on request, enter note at checkout)

OPTION 2: “With Elite Cart and Racks” – Comes with everything above in option 1, and:

  1. (2) Clamp blocks for every tube die size instead of just 1.
  2. Powder coated Elite cart with drawers on ultra heavy duty locking casters
  3. Hanging die racks (2) for cart, powder coated
  4. Beast rack (holds every clamp, angle cube clamp, a grinder, and TONS more!), powder coated
  5. Pedestal mount to attach notcher to cart at a perfect working height, powder coated
  6. Upgrade to UltraNotcher

OPTION 3: “Cart, Racks, Mandrel, Wrap” – Comes with everything above in option 1 and 2, and:

  1. Changes your 1.25, 1.5, and 1.625 dies from a 6 inch radius down to a nice tight 4.5
  2. Adds our incredible Mandrel attachment version 2.0 – upgrading you to the only high performance mandrel bender under $46,000 USD. This deletes the Thin Wall Roller (TWR) since it exceeds the the performance of the TWR in every way.
  3. Thru-Mandrel Lubrication System for mandrel attachment
  4. 3/4″ and 1/2″ Mandrel rods
  5. Offset bracket for VersaNotcher allowing it to be used on cart while mandrel is attached
  6. Quart of bend all 002 mandrel bending lubrication
  7. Mandrels for 1.0x.049, 1.0x.058, 1.25x.058, 1.5x.065, 1.625x.083, 1.75x.095, and 2.0x.120 so you can make nearly perfect bends on all sizes of tubing you are likely to encounter in nearly every chassis project in the world of competition and recreational automobile and side/by-side use!
  8. Adds one of our beautiful full-panel UV protected vinyl wraps to the machine.

You do NOT need CAD experience or a high performance computer to run the software. You can watch 30 minutes of YouTube videos and build a complete chassis in the software in a number of hours, not days. The software will print out detailed instructions on how long to cut each piece, where to notch, how to bend them, and how much they will weigh. Each piece can be named, edited, copied, pasted, etc. Multiple tube sizes, scaling of parts or entire assemblies, no problem. The software has our machine and dies already loaded into a database. It will compensate for tube stretch, springback, and the variation between nominal bend radius and achieved bend radius (and you don’t need to understand these 3 terms, just run a calibration on the software, which includes bending a 90 and measuring it with a tape measure, and it will do it all automatically).

Machine Dimensions:

M6xx tubing bender: (assembled, ready to bend): 12”x30” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 12”x47”x32” (LxWxH). Weight 140-200 lbs.

M6xx Bender on Cart: 22”x34” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 22”x47”x68” (LxWxH). Weight 210+ lbs (depends on cart contents).

M6xx Mandrel Bender on Cart: 22”x34” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 22”x105”x68” (LxWxH). Weight 295+ lbs (depends on cart contents).

Photo Credits- (Orange Drift Car) Owned and raced by #MVKRacing, woman in photo @ThatOneEarthGoddess. (White BMW) Built for customer by Studio RSR.

Are you worried about learning how to bend tube? Or learning a new machine? Ours is the easiest to use, and able to make to most complicated bends. Let us show you in under 7 minutes:

Want to see a whole project from start to finish, and even more bending tricks that are 100% unique to our design? Watch this video:

How hard is it to change dies? Super easy! Here is a video of a die set change;

Have you ever seen a tubing bender bend 2.00″ Solid steel bar at room temperature? Now you can!

Please see our wall thickness capacity chart for full details. It is in our tech section on our web page.

4 reviews for Ultra Motorsports Package (M625) NHRA/SFI/SCORE, 4×4, SXS**

    John Dwelis
    Great bender. I purchased the complete option. It bends very nicely. Smooth and distortion free. The cart with the racks is such a nice addition. Everything right there when you need it. I haven’t tried the mandrel attachment yet. But with the quality of the bender I’m sure it will be killer too. I’m close so I made the short drive to pick it up. The guys are all great. I got home and set it up. Unbelievable quality. Well worth the money. If you want the best bender. Stop here and buy it now. Thx guys.
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    Brandon Robinson
    I absolutely love this bender! I have a limited amount of floor space in my shop, and being able to make bends with the material turning vertically takes less square footage when making long bends. Also the entire bender and accessories fits on a cart. Compared to other benders on the market that bend the tube sideways, and have to be permanently mounted, I have been extremely happy with my choice of tubing bender! Im also looking forward to the ability to upgrade it as my business grows with a mandrel attachment. I have used it for everything from tube fenders and bumpers to pipe handrails.
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    Dylan Ritterbeck
    We got option number 2 and love it so far. Bend tech software was a super nice touch. Also customer service is fantastic
    20200914 161822
    Dylan Ritterbeck
    We got the option 2 package and freaking love it. The bend tech software was a great addition. Customer service for rouge and bend tech was quick and painless. Also the versa notcher makes cutting pipe easy.
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