VersaNotcher Extended Frame for 3″ Hole Saws

$115.00 $85.00



Note – All notchers shipped After June 15th, 2020 ALREADY have this longer frame installed. This upgrade is only relevant for older notchers as an upgrade to allow 3″ saw compatibility. Once upgraded, your notcher still works with regular off-the-shelf 1.5″ deep saws. See photo for measurement of this new longer frame. If your frame is 1.5″ (or more) shorter, you do not have this extended frame yet.

Note – We highlighted the part you are buying IN GREEN. That is all that is included. The frame half will come with new bushings installed. This is all you need to run 3″ hole saws in older VersaNotchers. As long as your notcher has 3/8″ diameter cam lock axles, you can bolt this right on!


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