VersaPress Conversion For Harbor Freight Press



Customize The Options To Get The Perfect Tool For Your Needs

  • VersaPress Top

    VersaPress Top

  • VersaPress Controls

    VersaPress Controls

    Choose basic controls with auto-return or advanced controls with auto-return and force control

  • xHD Caster Kit (W/Hardware)

    xHD Caster Kit (W/Hardware)

  • 2.0 HP Hydraulics

    2.0 HP Hydraulics

  • Press Conversion Drill Bit

    Press Conversion Drill Bit

    You won't need a drill bit if your HF 20T press has a BOLT-ON top.

  • Spacer Blocks for VersaPress Conversion

    Spacer Blocks for VersaPress Conversion


Convert your Harbor Freight press into a Rogue Fab VersaPress! Add the convenience of electric/hydraulic pressing with the option for advanced CNC-ready pressure control. This press uses a 20T dual action ram and can be run off its stand-alone hydraulic system, or you can purchase a set of quick disconnect fittings to run it off the 2HP unit already attached to your Rogue M600 Series bender. Additional options include an xHD Caster kit and spacer blocks for 4 1/4″ or 4 1/8″ press frames. Configure your ideal setup and elevate your shop press game today!

Current Lead Time: 8-10 weeks (possibility to ship sooner with non-production controller housing, contact us for more details)

Conversion Dimensions:

  • Height: 20″
  • Width: 28″
  • Depth: 6 1/2″


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