We’re ramping up our giveaways! We need more followers before we start giving away tubing benders, but we’re going to. Want to help and get a chance to win a FREE T SHIRT? Just share this post and invite 2 or more friends to like our page. It’s super easy:

1. Click “share” below.

2. Click Rogue Fabrication to go to our page, and then click “Invite Freinds to Like This Page”, which is right under the heading “community”. It will show a list of your friends, and all you have to do is start clicking on the check boxes and it will invite them.

The giveaway will be posted live on August 31, 2018. It will be a video here on Facebook. You must BOTH invite 2+ friends AND share this post for your entry.

These giveaways typically only have a handful of people enter (like 5 to 50), so your chances are REALLY GOOD. If we have a whole bunch of entries we will give away more stuff. We’re nice like that. We will gradually increase the value of our giveaway prizes as we continue down this path. We have recently given away $50 in store credit, $200 in store credit, T shirts, Hats, Landyards, and we even raffled off an M600 tubing bender and a Versanotcher. We’re not afraid to invest in your tools for you!

We’re not shipping a T shirt across an ocean or anything. Sorry, but if you’re outside the USA, this contest is not for you.